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    Ikan hias merupakan salah satu jenis ikan yang dapat menjadi komoditas potensial baik di tingkat nasional maupun internasional. Ikan hias juga dapat digunakan sebagai sumber pendapatan dalam bentuk mata uang asing. Agar dapat tumbuh dengan baik, ikan hias perlu diberi pakan yang sesuai dengan ukuran, jumlah, protein dan kandungan nutrisinya. Oleh karena itu, penulis tertarik untuk mengetahui pengaruh kombinasi pakan komersial dengan cacing darah terhadap pertumbuhan dan kelangsungan hidup ikan mas koi. Tujuan dari penelitian ini adalah untuk menganalisis pengaruh kombinasi pakan komersil dengan cacing darah (Chironomus sp.) terhadap pertumbuhan dan kelangsungan hidup ikan mas koi (Cyprinus rubrofuscus). Rancangan Acak Lengkap (RAL) dengan empat perlakuan dan tiga ulangan digunakan dalam penelitian ini, yaitu P1 (pemberian pelet pada pagi, siang dan sore hari), P2 (pemberian cacing pada pagi hari, pemberian pelet pada siang dan sore hari), P3 (pemberian pelet pada pagi hari, pemberian cacing pada sore dan malam hari), dan P4 (pemberian cacing pada sore dan malam hari). Parameter yang dipantau adalah pertumbuhan panjang mutlak, pertambahan berat mutlak dan kelangsungan hidup. Hasil penelitian menunjukkan bahwa untuk pertumbuhan panjang mutlak, kombinasi pakan komersial dan cacing darah tidak berpengaruh nyata, pertumbuhan berat mutlak setelah dilakukan analisis variansi menunjukkan bahwa kombinasi pakan komersil dengan cacing darah tidak berpengaruh nyata. Pengamatan hasil penelitian kombinasi pakan komersil dengan cacing darah terhadap pertumbuhan dan kelangsungan hidup Ikan Mas Koi (Cyprinus rubrofuscus) sebesar 100%. Kata kunci: Cacing darah (Chironomus sp.), ikan koi, dan pelet komersial

    Pendampingan Microsoft Office Bagi Peserta Didik Kelas Menengah Kampung Babakan Anyar Desa Jatimulya

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    Capabilities and skills in using Microsoft Office become very important in the pandemic era and digital era with high technology. It becomes the main medium in online learning and the main support in the face-to-face or direct learning process. However, in some areas, especially rural areas, there are still schools with limited facilities and infrastructure in providing facilities in the implementation of learning facilities, so that using technology such as computers cannot be applied optimally in schools. Thus the learning process is only one way and will reduce the level of creativity of students in learning and teaching process. Thus, the ability of students in operating microsoft office is still lacking and assistance is needed as a support for students in operating microsoft office, especially during this pandemic. This devotional activity was carried out in September 2021 in Babakan Anyar, Jatimulya village. This activity is divided into planning and implementation activities. Microsoft Ofiice mentoring activities that include Ms. Word, Ms. Excel, Ms. Power Point make students understand how to use Microsoft office, so that students can apply knowledge during the learning process and when doing schoolwork

    Penyuluhan Perencanaan dan Tata Kelola Pembangunan Rintisan Kawasan Desa Wisata Terpadu Lontrong Anggur Kelurahan Debong Tengah Kecamatan Tegal Selatan

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    Indonesia has significant potential for driving transformation in social, cultural, and economic aspects with its numerous villages and urban communities. The number of tourist villages has grown from 1,302 in 2014 to 1,734 in 2018, indicating their evolution. However, villages still need to recognize the untapped potential and underutilized infrastructure that can be utilized for progress. The UNISBANK Semarang community engagement initiative seeks to empower villages, such as the Kelompok Wanita Tani (KWT) Lestari Barokah in Tegal Selatan, Kota Tegal. The project aims to boost local inspiration and aspirations while supporting the creation of Lontrong Anggur, a rural tourism initiative. The project divides into three main phases: enhancing skills and assistance, ongoing evaluation of Lontrong Anggur's advancement, and optimizing local resources. The project has facilitated the identification and optimization of local potential in KWT Lestari Barokah and similar villages. This has led to the development of ventures such as oyster mushroom cultivation, vegetable farming, and Arabian chicken breeding. Additionally, it has supported the establishment of Lontrong Anggur. This initiative aims to improve the self-sufficiency and overall growth of villages in economic, social, and cultural aspects

    Pengaruh Social Media Marketing terhadap Keputusan Pembelian Sepeda Motor Merek Yamaha (Studi Kasus pada PT. Alfa Scorpii Meulaboh)

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    This research aims to ascertain how Social Media Marketing (SMM) effects consumers decisions to buy Yamaha brand motorbikes at PT. Alfa Scorpii Meulaboh, West Aceh. The participants in this study are consumers of PT. Alfa Scorpii Meulaboh, West Aceh from August to October 2023. To find the sample size using random sampling techniques and selecting samples calculated with the Slovin formula. This study uses employs a quantitative methodology, collecting data through the distribution of questionnaires. In this case, researchers used simple linear regression analysis to find out the results, namely 60.37% of variable Y was explained by variable Alfa Scorpii Meulaboh, West Aceh

    Menekan Pengeluaran Belanja Harian Sayur Rumah Tangga: Sebuah Pelatihan Pembuatan Media Tanam Sayuran untuk Budidaya Polybag

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    Training on making planting media for polybags was held in Sanggrahan, Wonorejo, Gondangrejo, Karanyanyar, and Central Java. The activity was held on June 3, 2023, and was attended by women from PKK RT 05 RW 18. The characteristic of Sanggrahan is almost the same as that of other urban areas, namely the lack of land for cultivating plants. The aim of this activity is to provide insight to PKK women about urban agriculture so that the remaining land in urban areas can still be cultivated using a polybag system. Residents can manage small areas of land to grow vegetable crops so that they can reduce their daily household expenditure on vegetables. To produce optimal plant growth, cultivation in polybags requires appropriate planting media that are easy for residents to make. The method of service activities involves providing material counseling and practical training on making planting media for polybags. We train participants on using easily available materials to create planting media. The materials used to make planting media are humus soil, compost, and husk charcoal in a ratio of 1:1:1. All ingredients are mixed evenly, then put into a polybag. Vegetable seeds that are ready to plant are put into polybags, and then regular maintenance is carried out so that they grow optimally. The size of the polybag varies depending on the type of plant being planted. To support the success and sustainability of this activity, regular evaluation and monitoring are carried out. The aim of this community service is that residents can meet their household vegetable needs by making planting media that is easy to obtain in polybags

    Evaluasi Transformasi Good Corporate Governance pada Bank Aceh Syariah

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    The Islamic banking sector has experienced significant development, offering various Sharia-compliant products such as Islamic savings, Sharia-based accounts, and Sharia deposits, emphasizing the need for a robust implementation of good corporate governance. This study aims to differentiate the disparities in applying good corporate governance at Bank Aceh Syariah before and after its conversion. This qualitative descriptive research focuses on Good Corporate Governance at Bank Aceh Syariah, utilizing secondary data such as the company's annual reports from the periods 2014-2015 (conventional) and 2018-2022 (Sharia). The results of the GCG self-assessment at Bank Aceh Syariah for the years 2014-2015 in the conventional operational system had an average GCG score of 1.86, which was better compared to the period of 2018-2022 in the Sharia operational system with an average GCG score of 1.90. This indicates that the implementation of Good Corporate Governance at Bank Aceh during conventional operations was superior compared to operations in the Sharia system. Post-conversion to the Sharia system, there is an additional organizational structure in the implementation of Good Corporate Governance with the establishment of a Sharia Supervisory Board, responsible for overseeing the bank's business activities aligned with the Fatwa of the National Sharia Council

    Penguatan Kapasitas Kelompok Sadar Wisata (Pokdarwis) Tentang Tourism Branding di Desa Baro Kecamatan Setia Bakti Kabupaten Aceh Jaya

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    Baro Village, Setia Bakti District, Aceh Jaya Regency has eco-tourism potential for mangrove forests, which actually play a role in reducing unemployment and poverty and aiming to be environmentally friendly. However, a fundamental problem in almost all nature-based tourism in the region is related to the absence of a brand destination. As a result, tourist destinations are empty of visitors, which ultimately affects Pokdarwis' income as a manager of mangrove tourism. The method of implementing community service is through Participatory Action Research (PAR), which is participatory-based and emphasizes the process of sharing and learning together so that it can help Dikti personnel understand the conditions and problems of partners, namely Baro Village, Setia Bakti District, Aceh Jaya Regency in the use of media. This service was ultimately able to encourage the use of social media for the Baro Village Pokdarwis through increasing the Pokdarwis' ability to create digital content in the form of websites, videos, and posters of digital tourism products; the formation of SOPs for branding mangrove forest tourism destinations; preparing a schedule for digital mangrove forest competitions and festivals, and establishing networking and collaboration with the government, private sector, and digital media actors

    Analisis Sistem Informasi Akuntansi Utang Pada PT Mifa Bersaudara

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    The aim of this research is to analyze the debt accounting information system implemented at PT Mifa Bersaudara and what are the obstacles to delays in debt payments. This research uses a qualitative descriptive method that systematically describes the debt accounting information system at PT Mifa Brothers. Data collection techniques include direct observation, interviews and documentation. The results of this research indicate that the accounting information system implemented by PT Mifa Brothers is in accordance with existing theory. However, there are still delays in the debt payment process. Factors causing delays in debt payments are sales and collection of funds by the treasury.

    Peningkatan Pengetahuan Masyarakat tentang Mitos dan Fakta Diabetes Melitus serta Diet Seimbang Penderita Diabetes Melitus

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    Community service activities are a forum for sharing information to increase public knowledge. This community service is conducted online through seminars using the Zoom meeting application with the theme "Myths and Facts of Diabetes Mellitus and a Balanced Diet for Diabetes Mellitus Patients". This service aims to inform the public about the myths and facts about diabetes mellitus and increase public knowledge regarding proper prevention and control. The participants consisted of health cadres in Sangatta, East Kalimantan, and the general public, totaling 47 people. Material delivery was carried out using lecture methods with PowerPoint presentations, discussion, and questions and answers. The activity results were evaluated using a quasi-experimental design by comparing the pre-test and post-test results of the participants. The data is not normally distributed, so the difference test used is the Wilcoxon test. This community service increased participant knowledge with a p-value of 0.000 (p<0.05) and increased the average participant knowledge score from 80 ± 16.923 to 90 ± 10.301. This community service activity concludes that the activity can increase community knowledge related to proper prevention and control of diabetes mellitus

    Use Of Chitosan-Natural Zeolite Composite As Membrane Separator In Surimi Wastewater Microbial Fuel Cell

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    Microbial Fuel Cell (MFC) is a technology that uses exoelectrogenic bacteria to produce electrical energy. This study aims to determine the effect of the ratio of natural chitosan and zeolite on the characteristics of the chitosan / zeolite composite membrane as a PEM separator in MFC, to determine the performance of MFC in producing electricity, and to determine the performance of reducing the organic load of fishery wastewater in MFC technology applications. The chitosan/zeolite separator membrane was made with different ratio of chitosan and natural zeolite 1: 3, 1:1, 3: 1, and without a membrane (w/w). The chitosan / zeolite separator membrane is a proton exchange membrane that can transfer 20% positive ions. Separator membrane with a ratio of 3: 1 resulted in a tensile strength value of 0,855 MPa and a water uptake value of 1,8%, and ratio of 1:1 produced the highest conductivity value of 10,57 S/cm, the highest electric voltage was 0,59 V, the highest electric current was 0,51 mA, and the highest electric power was 0,30 mW. The values of COD, BOD, and TAN decreased by 45%, 46%, and 92%, and the pH value increased to 8,4


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