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    Pengepolitikken og konjunkturutviklingen

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    Foredraget bygger på vurderingene gitt på Norges Banks pressekonferanse etter rentemøtet i hovedstyret 21. april, Inflasjonsrapport 1/04 og på tidligere foredrag

    Petroleumsfondets langsiktige investeringsstrategi

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    Foredrag av sentralbanksjef Svein Gjedrem, Argentumkonferansen, 30. september 2004

    Risiko og vekst i finansnæringa

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    Foredrag av sentralbanksjef Svein Gjedrem, Sparebankforeninga sitt årsmøte i Bergen, 27. oktober 2005

    Gjennomføringen av pengepolitikken

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    Sentralbanksjef Svein Gjedrem. Innledning til høring i Stortingets finanskomité 10. mai 2007

    Flere bein å stå på

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    Foredrag av sentralbanksjef Svein Gjedrem på seminaret ”Oljen i økonomien” ved Norsk Oljemuseum, Stavanger, 8. juni 2010

    En nyttig sentralbank

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    Foredrag av sentralbanksjef Svein Gjedrem på Norges Banks Symposium ”What is a useful central bank?”

    Multiple Unemployment Equilibria: Do Transitory Shocks Have Permanent Effects?

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    This paper tests for multiple equilibria in the Norwegian unemployment rate and investigates whether it displays asymmetric response to positive and negative shocks. Linear and nonlinear univariate models are employed to account for the unemployment behaviour over the period 1972-1997. Among these, only a logistic smooth transition autoregressive (LSTAR) model is data consistent. Accordingly, unemployment is a stationary variable that has switched between two stable equilibria during the sample period. It is shown that a large shock, or a sequence of small shocks, can cause a transition from one equilibrium level to another and thereby have a permanent effect on the unemployment rate. Moreover, unemployment recovers faster from a fall, relative to a given equilibrium level, than from a rise.updatedVersio

    Forvaltning av Statens pensjonsfond utland

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    Yngve Slyngstads innledning til Stortingets høring om Statens pensjonsfond utland

    Monetary Policy Report with financial stability assessment 3/16

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    The Report is published four times a year, in March, June, September and December. The Report assesses the interest rate outlook and forms the basis for Norges Bank’s advice on the level of the countercyclical capital buffer. The Report includes projections of developments in the Norwegian economy. At the Executive Board meeting on 14 September 2016, the economic outlook, the monetary policy stance and the need for a countercyclical capital buffer for banks were discussed. On the basis of that discussion and the advice of Norges Bank’s executive management, the Executive Board made its decision on the key policy rate at its meeting on 21 September 2016. The Executive Board also approved Norges Bank’s advice to the Ministry of Finance on the level of the countercyclical capital buffer. The Executive Board’s assessment of the economic outlook and monetary policy strategy is provided in “The Executive Board’s assessment”. The advice on the level of the countercyclical capital buffer is submitted to the Ministry of Finance in connection with the publication of the Report. The advice is made public when the Ministry of Finance has made its decision

    Pengepolitikkens oppgaver og muligheter

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    Foredrag av sentralbanksjef Svein Gjedrem. Sparebankforeningens konferanse Samfunn og økonomi 2000, Oslo 13. oktober 2000


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