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    Electronic Word of Mouth (eWOM) Strategies for the Growth of Digital Business in Small-medium Enterprise (SME)

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    Small and medium-sized business expansion is a dynamic process of development. It grows despite many alterations that exceed its organization, resources, and skills, as well as market demands. Its operations mostly leverage gaps in niche markets and integrate resources. Small and medium-sized businesses can rely on digital platforms to efficiently execute regulations and achieve faster growth in the Internet environment, but consumer and public evaluation is a crucial element in assisting the development of businesses. Consumers and the general public use Internet resources to publish information about businesses, products, and services. The electronic word-of-mouth generated by these evaluation effects not just the purchasing behavior of consumers, but also the enterprise brand value. The influence of electronic word-of-mouth is evident throughout the development of small and medium-sized enterprises. This study examines the mechanism of electronic word-of-mouth and focuses on the application strategy of electronic word-of-mouth in the evolution of small and medium-sized businesses

    Effects of Probiotics on Late Onset Neonatal Sepsis in Preterm Infants: A Randomized Controlled Trial

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    Background And Objective: Late-onset neonatal sepsis frequently complicates prematurity, contributing to morbidity and mortality. Probiotics may reduce necrotizing enterocolitis (NEC) in preterm infants, with unclear effect on late-onset sepsis. This study aimed to determine the effect of administering a specific combination of probiotics in reducing the incidence of late onset neonatal sepsis in preterm infants. Methods: This is a prospective single center, double-blinded, placebo controlled, randomized trial compared daily administration of a probiotic with a placebo. Each probiotic capsule contains (500 mg blend)- Lactobacillus acidophilus- 2 billion cfu, Lactobacillus bulgaricus- 1 billion cfu, Bifidobacterium bifidum-1 billion cfu, Fructo-Oligosaccharide- 100 mg and each placebo capsule contains (500 mg blend) Pregelatinised Starch (Starch-1500). Infants born <35 completed weeks, weighing <2000 g admitted in NICU are included in this study. The primary outcome was at least 1 episode of late-onset sepsis. Secondary outcomes include: feeding intolerance, mortality, time to establish full enteral feeds, days required to physiological weight gain, patent ductus arteriosus, intraventricular hemorrhage, retinopathy of prematurity, bronchopulmonary dysplasia, duration of hospital stay. Results: Between 2019 and 2021, 119 preterm infants from NICU, BSMMU were randomized. Rates of definite late-onset sepsis (35.6 %), rates of LONS (definite and clinical) (44.1 %), mortality (13.6 %), feeding intolerance (11.9 %) were statistically significant low in probiotics group than the placebo group. There is more hospital stay, more days to reach full enteral feeds and less weight gain in placebo group and it is statistically significant. Conclusions: This randomized, double blinded, placebo controlled trial has power to demonstrate clinically significant effects of the chosen probiotic mixture on the rate of late-onset sepsis in LBW infants. A large clinical trial is required to address outstanding issues regarding safety and efficacy in this vulnerable population

    Building Positive Mindset of the Younger Generation about Agroforestry through Behavioral Approach

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    For Maluku’s people, agroforestry is not a new thing because it has been done since long time ago, known as Dusung. As a local wisdom, agroforestry has great benefits not only in economic aspect but also in social and environment maintenance aspects, especially in the archipelago region with small islands. Day by day, people tend to replace agroforestry systems with intensive land management system that emphasizes productivity of the land without doing environmental preservation. If this condition continues, the negative impact that appears will be greater than its positive impact, therefore, agroforestry system needs to be preserved. This study aims to identify the mindset of the younger generation of agroforestry and efforts should be made to build a positive mindset of the younger generation about agroforestry. The study was conducted on 50 students of Pattimura University and 50 students of senior high school in Ambon City. Qualitative descriptive analysis of the data showed that most of young generation didn’t understand about agroforestry, therefore didn’t feel responsible in maintaining the sustainability of agroforestry systems. In response to these conditions, the behavioral approach can be one approach to build a positive mindset for the younger generation about agroforestry because mindset can’t be separated from behavior

    A Study of Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) with New Records to Turkish Fauna

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    This investigation has been carried out to identification of Ichneumonidae (Hymenoptera) species collected by using sweeping nets and Malaise traps from different localities of Isparta province in Turkey between May 2016 and July 2016. In the current publication 20 species belonging to the subfamilies of Banchinae Wesmael, 1845; Campopleginae Förster, 1869; Cryptinae Kirby, 1837; Diplazontinae Viereck, 1918; Ichneumoninae Latreille, 1802; Orthocentrinae Förster, 1869, Pimplinae Wesmael, 1845 and Tryphoninae Shuckard, 1840 are listed. Among them Olesicampe geniculella (Thomson, 1887), Dicaelotus (Dicaelotus) cameroni Bridgman, 1881, Helictes borealis (Holmgren, 1857) and Townesia tenuiventris (Holmgren, 1860) species are four new records for the fauna of Turkey. A short zoogeographical characterization, distribution in Turkey and world distribution are also mentioned for each species

    The Effect of Using Soybean Extender on the Movement Patterns of Spermatozoa and Plasma Membrane Integrity in Bali Bull

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    Selection of good extender quality greatly affects the quality of spermatozoa. One of the natural ingredients that can be used as a semen extender is soybean, which is known to maintain the quality of spermatozoa by preventing cold shock. This study was conducted to determine the effect of using soybean extender on the movement pattern and plasma membrane integrity (PMI) of spermatozoa. This study was conducted at the Samata Integrated Farming System (SIFS), Samata Village, Kab. Gowa. The processing of semen was carried out at the Laboratory of Animal Reproduction, Faculty of Animal Science, Hasanuddin University. A Bali bull was used to collect the semen for five times using an artificial vagina. Four types of extenders as treatments were used to extend the semen; T0 (andromed) for control, T1 (tris), T2 (soybean), and T3 (tris-soybean) The parameters measured were the plasma membrane integrity (PMI) and movement patterns of spermatozoa. The results showed that the average motility of fresh semen obtained was 94.22% ± 2.37, viability 96.06% ± 1.09, concentration 1596 x 106/mL ± 1472, and MPI 95.11% ± 1.82. The average percentage of MPI in the use of tris soybean extender was higher (97.79 ± 1.14) compared to other extenders and there was no significant difference (P>0.05) was found between the four treatments. In the movement pattern parameters, all treatments in each parameter (VCL, VAP, VSL, DCL, DAP, DSL, LIN, and STR) did not show any significant difference to the control. Based on the results of study, it can be stated that the use of soy extender was able to maintain the quality semen and can be classified as good for further processed. As conclusion, the use of soybean extender was able to maintain the quality of Bali bull semen indicated that soybean extender was classified as very good and could be used further

    Psychological Analysis of Moral Interpretations in the Field of Religiosity (Emphasis on Eric Berne's Theory of Reciprocal Behavior Analysis)

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    The present article focuses on the psychological theory of Eric Berne's analysis of the interaction of behavior and the triad of "child", parent, and adult’s ego in analyzing how moral interpretations emerge in the field of religiosity. In this regard, by identifying three types of parental religiosity (blame and support), child-centered (adaptive, natural, and intuitive), and "adult" has analyzed these readings. In reprehensible parental religiosity, morality finds imitative and irrational aspects, and in the moral interpretation of the religious text, "fear of the religious parent" plays a significant role, but in parental (supportive) religiosity, moral readings focus on calming and soothing the individual "child". In child-centered (adaptive) religiosity, the primary motivation for a person to make moral statements is primarily due to his desire to receive the promised rewards (such as heavenly blessings) in the holly book. In child-centered (natural) religiosity, we encounter a reductionist moral reading of religion that takes place in the direction of openly acknowledging and explicitly acknowledging one's "now" Like the other two types of child-centered religiosity, moral reading in child-centered religiosity is central to "feeling", with the difference that the mentioned reading is justified by scientific language. The final form of religiosity is "adult" religiosity, in which the power of reason and the interpreter's intellect form the focus of moral readings. "Wisdom" is the common denominator of "adult" religiosity and the ethical dimension of religion. Hence, it is only in this kind of religiosity that its believers, in their true sense, have a moral character and conduct

    Periodic Assessment of Trend and Climatic Variability in the LCB

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    Periodic assessment of trend and climatic variability is important for better planning and water resource management in the LCB catchment. This study assessed the impact of climatic variables on the LCB (LCB) using rainfall data derived from TAMSAT, run off and evapotranspiration data derived from climate engine over a period of twenty years (2001-2020). Non-parametric Mann Kendall (MK) and Spearman rho tests were applied to detect the presence of rainfall trends and trend magnitude was calculated using Sen’s Slope Estimator (SSE). With an average annual rainfall of 523.62mm, trend analysis showed an annual positive trend for precipitation at 5% significance level. Analysis of seasonal rainfall using both tests revealed an increasing trend during the dry season. However, the late dry season experienced a slight increasing trend and for wet seasons. There was 2.7% runoff and 4.6% evapotranspiration which are the lowest for the time series

    Selecting the Optimal Value of Penalty Parameter K in Ridge Regression Estimators

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    Ridge regression is one of the popular parameter estimations techniques used to address the multicollinearity problem frequently arising in multiple linear regression. The ridge estimator is based on controlling the magnitude of regression coefficients. The Ridge regression constrains the sum of the absolute values of the regression coefficients to be less than some constant C which is called the penalty.  The Ridge regression shrinks the ordinary least squares estimation vector of regression coefficients towards the origin, allowing a bias but providing a smaller variance. However, the choice of the optimal value of penalty parameter k in Ridge Regression estimators is critical. A Simulation study is conducted to uncover the optimal value of the penalty parameter k under different settings. This simulation study is novel in the field of Ridge Regression Estimators, and it increases the effective capabilities of using the Ridge Regression. Applications on three different real data sets are also considered to support the theoretical findings presented in the simulation study

    An Analysis of the Factors that Affect International Student Choice of Higher Education Institution Based “One Belt One Road” Policy

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    The aim of this study is to investigate the factors through which international students choose higher education institutions (HEIs) in Shaanxi Province in China. It focuses on the variables that influenced international students' decision to choose HEIs in Shaanxi, China as their educational location. A questionnaire with 44 questions was developed and distributed to 714 students. Out of these 714 students, only 500 questionnaires were returned. The data analysis was conducted using the micro, meso, and macro factors highlighted in the conceptual framework. At various levels, the effect of the various independent variables on the decision of international students to study in Shaanxi province was evaluated. The results indicates that  international experience of the university, language practiced by the university & , admissions policy adopted by the university has an impact on International Students’ Choice of Study in Shaanxi Province. It is also important for international market positioning and enhancing the capabilities of higher education institutions

    A Literature Review of the Early Childhood Education: Developmentally Appropriate Practices (DAP) & Strategies

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    Early childhood education is a broad, dynamic, and ongoing system that necessitates extensive educational planning and policy support. In terms of management, teacher training, teaching stage, curriculum articulation, and teacher employment, early childhood articulation has developed a complete system and planning system in the United States. However, kindergartens in China ignore children's development laws and characteristics, blindly adopting reading, writing, and calculation as early childhood articulation curriculum goals. The purpose of this review was to synthesize previously published research on evaluation in early childhood education (ECE) in China. To improve our understanding of evaluation in ECE in China and to make comparisons with findings from US studies, the studies covered in this review can be classified as follows: (1) studies concentrating on assessment concepts and aspects in ECE in China & US; (2) studies focusing on developmentally appropriate practices (DAP) & strategies. This paper also reviews the curriculum reform process and demonstrates the reform's strong reliance on Western early childhood education theories and practices. Based on the findings, we proposed directions for future study and practice by stating that evaluation concepts and components need to be defined and characterized more explicitly


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