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    Sistem Informasi Pengelolaan Pengunjung Pada Saat Pandemik Covid-19

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    PT. Epson Batam (PEB) adalah perusahaan multinasional dengan jumlah karyawan lebih dari 3000 orang. Banyaknya tamu (non-karyawan) yang datang ke PT. Epson Batam setiap harinya seperti kunjungan dari instansi pemerintah, partner perusahaan, vendor dan supplier, menyebabkan adanya kebutuhan terhadap aplikasi khusus yang dapat memudahkan perusahaan dalam mengelola data-data para tamu yang berkunjung ke perusahaan dan memudahkan pihak pengaman perusahaan dalam melakukan pencatatan dan rekap tamu yang berkunjung. Penelitian ini bertujuan untuk merancang sebuah sistem informasi pengelolaan pengunjung di masa pandemik Covid-19. Berdasarkan maklum balas dari pengguna disimpulkan bahwa sistem yang dibangunkan bisa digunakan dan berfungsi dengan baik tetapi perlu pengembangan yang memungkinkan sistem informasi terintegrasi dengan alat pengukur suhu. Visitor Management Information System during the Covid-19 Pandemic Abstract: PT. Epson Batam (PEB) is a multinational company with more than 3000 employees. The number of guests (non-employees) who come to PT. Epson Batam every day such as visits from government agencies, company partners, vendors and suppliers, causes the need for special applications that can make it easier for companies to manage the data of guests who visit the company and make it easier for company security to record and recap guests who visit the company. This study aims to design a visitor management information system during the Covid-19 pandemic. Based on the feedback from users, it is concluded that the system developed can be used and functions well but needs development that allows an integrated information system with temperature measuring devices. Keywords: Covid-19, Information System, Management Visitor

    Iron Age in Augmented Reality

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    The declining number of average grade subjects in History in Sijil Pelajaran Malaysia (SPM) among Malaysian students is an increasing concern in Malaysia. The purpose of this study is to investigate the connection between the factors that cause the students to become uninterested to study History and how they affect the number of average grades. This study also aims to provide a solution to help students become more interested in learning History. Using a cross-sectional analysis, this study analyzed the factors that cause students to lack interest to study History from 2016 – 2019. The lack of the ability to imagine the situation of historical events was found to play the greatest role in causing students to be less interested in learning History. This study definitively answers the question regarding correlation between the cause of lack of students’ interest in learning History and how it affects the number of average grade subjects

    Community Acceptance Assessment of the Covid-19 Vaccination Program in the South Kalimantan Region

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    Conducting an effective Covid-19 vaccine is a global public health necessity in containing the pandemic. Vaccines are one of the most reliable and cost-effective public health interventions ever implemented that are saving millions of lives each year. The purpose of this study was to identify public acceptance of the Covid-19 vaccination program in the South Kalimantan region. Quantitative research by using a cross-sectional approach. The number of samples is 252 people. The sampling technique is accidental sampling. The study was conducted in South Kalimantan Province, Indonesia. Predictors of acceptance of the vaccine program were identified from vaccination status, views on vaccine effectiveness, vaccine safety, pandemic conspiracy, trustworthiness of information about Covid-19, and willingness to pay for vaccines. Data collection was done online using a Google Form questionnaire. Based on the predictors of acceptance of the covid-19 vaccination program, it can be seen that the majority support the vaccination program in helping prevent the transmission of Covid-19

    Teaching Programming Using the Robot-Based Learning Approach

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    This paper discusses learning theories, STEM, educational robotics as well as the current generation of students found in classrooms by reviewing previous and current academic literature on these topics, to assist in ascertaining the current advancements and theories related to the Robot-based learning approach as well as how these advancements have helped improve this approach and enabled educators to better make use of it. Furthermore, this paper reviews previous academic literature on computer programming to discuss the current learning approaches in use and the kind of learning tools being utilized. Once this topics are reviewed the reader can have a clear picture of the learning approach, what learning theory does it belong too, the type of students found in the classroom as well as what motivates them and the subject that is being taught as well as the different learning tools for this subject. The reader will also learn why improving the effectiveness of how programming is learned helps create more students good in STEM and how it assists in realising the Malaysian Educational Development Plan. This paper reviewed literature from the year 2014 and above as the information is more relevant and current, except for literature that is from a leading or renowned individual in any field that is being discussed in this dissertation

    Intention to Use Mobile Learning in Higher Education Institutions: Review Paper

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    Mobile learning is presently taking part in associate degree more and more important role within the instructional method, additionally as within the development of teaching and learning ways for higher education. The power to find out ‘on the go– anytime, anywhere, is changing into more and more fashionable. The advantages offered by mobile learning are important. On the opposite hand, the implementation of mobile learning in educational activity relies on users’ acceptance of technology. Acceptance and intention to use mobile learning may be a topic of growing interest within the field of education. The model of the unified theory of acceptance and use of technology (UTAUT) is planned and developed by researchers via a mixture of eight major theories in activity prediction. UTAUT is among the foremost fashionable and up to date model in information technology acceptance. This is review paper aiming to review UTAUT’s previous studies of intention to use mobile learning. In conclusion, this research provides insight regarding the necessary factors for planning and designing an intention to use mobile learning model in higher education institutions

    Pelajar Introvert di Sekolah

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    Jenis personaliti remaja dapat dibincangkan melalui penampilan bentuk perlakuan sama ada cenderung kepada ekstrovert, introvert ataupun ambivert. Kajian ini mengkaji tentang pelajar introvert. Teori personaliti yang mempunyai kaitan dengan kajian ini adalah Teori Tiga Faktor (TTF) dan Teori Psikososial. Salah satu aspek perbezaan individu yang ketara antara seseorang pelajar dengan pelajar lain ialah aspek personaliti. Pelajar yang mempunyai personaliti introvert ialah individu yang yang pendiam, pasif, terlampau banyak berfikir dan kurang bertindak serta tindak tanduknya kurang mahu mengambil risiko. Hasil kajian juga menunjukkan pelbagai faktor yang membawa kepada seseorang pelajar tersebut menjadi introvert iaitu faktor keluarga, persekitaran kelas, sejarah lampau dan sifat semula jadi. Personaliti introvert dalam diri pelajar ini memberi kesan kepada mereka dari aspek akademik, kokurikulum dan sosial. Walau bagaimanapun, terdapat beberapa pendekatan yang boleh dilakukan untuk membantu pelajar introvert ini misalnya melalui peranan pihak sekolah. Cadangan yang lain yang dikemukakan oleh responden ialah penggunaan alat bantu mengajar yang menarik serta sesuai dengan pembelajaran abad ke-21. Introvert Students in a School Abstract: The type of personality of adolescents can be discussed through the appearance of a form of treatment that either tends to be an extrovert, an introvert or an ambiver. This study examines introvert students. The theory of personality associated with this study is the Three Factors Theory (TTF) and the Psychosocial Theory. One aspect of the individual differences that is significant between one student and another is the personality aspect. Students with introverted personalities are individuals who are quiet, passive, over-thinking and under-performing and whose behaviors are less likely to take risks. The findings also show the various factors that lead a student to become an introvert - family factors, classroom environment, past history and nature. The introverted personality in these students affects them academically, co-curriculum and social. However, there are several approaches that can be taken to help these introverted students, for example through the role of the school. Another suggestion made by the respondents was the use of attractive teaching aids and 21st Century learning. Keywords: Introvert, Personality, Student

    A Novel Sep-Unet Architecture of Convolutional Neural Networks to Improve Dermoscopic Image Segmentation by Training Parameters Reduction

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    Nowadays, we use dermoscopic images as one of the imaging methods in diagnosis of skin lesions such as skin cancer. But due to the noise and other problems, including hair artifacts around the lesion, this issue requires automatic and reliable segmentation methods. The diversity in the color and structure of the skin lesions is a challenging reason for automatic skin lesion segmentation. In this study, we used convolutional neural networks (CNN) as an efficient method for dermoscopic image segmentation. The main goal of this research is to recommend a novel architecture of deep neural networks for the injured lesion in dermoscopic images which has been improved by the convolutional layers based on the separable layers. By convolutional layers and the specific operations on the kernel of them, the velocity of the algorithm increases and the training parameters decrease. Additionally, we used a suitable preprocessing method to enter the images into the neural network. Suitable structure of the convolutional layers, separable convolutional layers and transposed convolution in the down sampling and up sampling parts, have made the structure of the mentioned neural network. This algorithm is named Sep-unet and could segment the images with 98% dice coefficient

    Build IoT through Virtual Reality

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    Virtual Reality is a new form as integration of technologies that overlays computer-generated information on real world. Virtual reality can be used to enhance student learning and engagement. VR education can transform the way educational content is delivered; it works on the premise of creating a virtual world, real or imagined and allows users not only see it but also interact with it. Hence, educator has begun to seek technologies that have potential to be integrated in education in order to help students learn effectively and enhance their understanding. The focus of this research is on development of mobile application on Raspberry Pi topic by using Virtual Reality technology from Computer Architecture and Organization subject in Universiti Pendidikan Sultan Idris (UPSI). Student have difficulty to understand and even not know what is Raspberry Pi besides less usage of mobile application on Virtual Reality, the application could help them understand the functionality of Raspberry Pi better and effectively. By using Prototyping Model, evaluation phase consisted of post tested have been carried out on target user as to see the learning effectiveness from student achieved. The result of finding shows that the students think that VR-Pi application is easy to use and the note provided is appropriate and easy to understand. Thus, this mobile application of VR technology could enhance the traditional form of teaching and learning in order to improve student’s knowledge and interest about Raspberry Pi which improves their understanding and experience using technology for learnin

    Public Participation and the Governance of Mineral Resources in Zimbabwe

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    Public participation in policy issues by the locals is a crucial ingredient that guarantees the success of any policy decision, national project and public programme.  Public participation should permeate every sphere of governance. In this vein, Zimbabwe is endowed with numerous mineral resources. The indigenous Zimbabwean are statutorily deemed as the owners of the mineral resources hence their participation in policy processes and spaces that relate to the governance of natural resources is pertinent. However, it was noted that the Zimbabwean population is not fully benefiting from the extraction of these mineral resources. The paper therefore explores the magnitude and essence of public participation in the governance of mineral resources in Zimbabwe. In achieving this, the paper is informed by Arnstein’s ladder of participation as the theoretical framework. In addition, data was gathered from documentary review and in-depth interviews with key informants. The study observed that public participation in respect of mineral governance can be undertaken through public hearing meetings, national budget consultative meetings and alternative mining indabas. However, the current level of participation is within the range of non-participation and lower tokenism. In addition, there is also lack of feedback and information flows in one direction from the Government officials to the citizens. The Government does not really take seriously the contributions from the public. The study therefore proffered some recommendations to enhance the levels of knowledge and participation by the public in the governance of mineral resources in Zimbabwe

    Bimbingan dan Konseling Mahasiswa yang Berbasis Sistem Pakar dengan Menggunakan Metode Faktor Kepastian

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    Setiap kampus atau perguruan tinggi memiliki satu layanan yang disebut bimbingan dan konseling. Peran ini dipegang oleh dosen penasehat akademik. Beban kerja dosen penasehat akademik menjadi tinggi ketika rasio jumlah dosen dan mahasiswa rendah. Untuk meringankan beban kerja dosen penasehat akademik maka dibuat sebuah sistem pakar yang dapat memudahkan mahasiswa dan dosen penasehat akademik dalam mengatasi permasalahan yang ada. Pembangunan sitem pakar ini menggunakan metode pengembangan Expert System Development Life Cycle (ESDLC). Aplikasi yang dibangunkan kemudian diujikan kepada mahasiswa Teknik Informatika di Universitas Ibnu Sina. Pengujian meliputi uji Black Box. Dari evaluasi pengguna diperoleh hasil bahwa sistem pakar yang dibangunkan dapat digunakan untuk menangani masalah-masalah seperti yang telah disimpan dalam daftar data masalah dan solusi. Tampilan estetika sistem harus diperbaiki agar pengguna tertarik untuk menggunakannya. Beberapa pengguna mengusulkan elemen multimedia dimasukkan dalam tampilan sistem pakar yang dibangunkan agar tampilannya lebih menarik. Student Guidance and Counseling based on Expert System Using Certainty Factor Method Abstract: Every campus or college has one service called guidance and counseling. This role is held by the academic advisory lecturer. The workload of academic advisory lecturers becomes high when the ratio of the number of lecturers to students is low. To ease the workload of academic advisory lecturers, an expert system is made that can facilitate students and academic advisory lecturers in overcoming existing problems. The development of this expert system uses the Expert System Development Life Cycle (ESDLC) development method. The application that was developed was then tested on Informatics Engineering students at Ibn Sina University. Tests include the Black Box tests. From the evaluation of the user obtained the results that the developed expert system can be used to deal with problems such as those that have been stored in the list of problem data and solutions. The aesthetic appearance of the system must be improved in order for users to be interested in using it. Some users suggest multimedia elements be included in the developed expert system view to make it look more attractive. Keywords: Guidance and Counseling, Certanty Factor, Expert Systems
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