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    A Study on the Concept of Peace in Nagasaki’s City Planning : With a Focus on Reconstruction Plans soon after World War II

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    P(論文)This paper looks at how the concept of peace was established and what points were emphasized through a check on Nagasaki’s city planning in the early period after World War II.departmental bulletin pape

    Research on Clinical Gait Analysis Based on Predictive Assessment for The Exoskeleton Rehabilitation Robot

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    長崎総合科学大学博士(工学)2022doctoral thesi

    Analysis of a Lesson in Respect for Life by Tetra Lemma Thinking―International Moral Education Lesson 'Plant a Tree'―

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    P(論文)This paper reveals student’s nested structure of thinking about life, which can be understood by tetra lemma logic. The authors have executed an international moral education lesson, aimed at fostering self-affirmative consciousness at a classroom for 12-13 year olds in 2017 as a clinical study. We have used an original story ‘Plant a Tree’ at Kubuqi Desert in China. We employed the association method to clarify the result of consciousness changes by the lesson.  The results show a significant increase of life consciousness in nature, plants and animals (p<.01) instead of that in human beings. The image of the poplar, used for desert greening, was defined as a life tree in abstract words, and the students recognized the importance of nature involved by human beings (p<.01). Moreover, the students acknowledged themselves as important lives significantly (p<.01). The lesson brought a significant increase of self-affirmative consciousness (p<.01) of the students as an actor for life on earth. The authors pay respect to the students, who broke the dichotomous thinking and began to consider by global words about life of nature and oneself.departmental bulletin pape

    What the Film Shoplifters Means to its Audiences

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    P(論文)Seventy-four audience living near Nagasaki City, 52.2% of whom were ladies in their 60’s, saw Shoplifters, and change of their consciousness through the film was assessed by the association method. Their response words of the association to the film by five cue words reveal that they accepted it as a family story, considering their basic response words to all cue words ‘ties’, ‘compassion’, ‘kindness’, ‘happiness’ and ‘love’. The film, which sends no direct message about ‘peace’ or ‘recognition on oneself’, brought impressions deep enough to significantly change of the concepts of the audience (p<.05) as to follows: (1) lying is not always bad, (2) peace needs, ties, happiness, calm, kindness, and love, (3) decreasing of negative reflections on themselves. Because of the concentrations to each family history of audience, the way of social and political solutions of problems in family relationships disappeared from the sphere of thought between them. And this paper concludes that there came up tetra nested structure of consciousness in the field of the film screening as a base of the deep impressions by the film.departmental bulletin pape


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    departmental bulletin pape

    A Study on the Concept of Peace in Nagasaki’s City Planning--Focus on Voices Published in Newspapers soon after World War II

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    P(論文)This paper looks at how the concept of peace was established and what points were introduced through a check on voices published in Nagasaki newspapers in the early period after World War II. The study aims to shed light on the history of city planning and urban policy.departmental bulletin pape

    A New Theory on the Derivation of Metacentric Radius Governing the Hydrostatic Stability of Ships

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    E(その他)In this paper, we develop a new theory on the derivation of the transverse metacentric radius which governs the hydrostatic stability of ships.  As a new development in its derivation process, it was shown that the direction of movement of the center of buoyancy due to lateral inclination of ship is the direction of the half angle of the heel angle θ.  By finding it, we were able to derive a metacentric radius worthy of its name by showing that the metacentric radius correctly represents the radius centered on the metacenter, which is the center of inclination.departmental bulletin pape

    Rodney H. Powers and the Nagasaki Foreign Settlement as Seen by his Grandson

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    P(論文)Rodney H. Powers (1836.5.5-1909.8.9) ran a successful business in the Nagasaki Foreign Settlement for almost forty years through the Meiji Period of Japan, with a peak during the 1880s and 1900s. Sugimoto Masao was his only grandchild, but his mother Toyo separated from Powers before giving birth. Recently, it was found that Masao left a hand-written manuscript, titled Haha-no-zanzō (The Afterglow of my Mother)," which had been unattended for years. The manuscript provides significant new material for research on the Nagasaki Foreign Settlement. The present article analyzes the content of the manuscript and the activities of Rodney H. Powers as seen by his only grandson. The results will help to clarify the realities of life and work in the Nagasaki Foreign Settlement.departmental bulletin pape

    Proof that the Center of Buoyancy is Equal to the Center of Pressure by means of the Surface Integral of Hydrostatic Pressure Acting on the Inclined Ship

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    E(その他)In this paper, we prove that “ ship's center of buoyancy is equal to the center of hydrostatic pressure ”. This subject is an unsolved problem in physics and naval architecture, even though the buoyancy taught by Archimedes' principle (1) can be obtained clearly by the surface integral of hydrostatic pressure. Then we thought that the reason why the vertical position of the center of pressure could not be determined was that the horizontal force would be zero due to equilibrium in the upright state.  As a breakthrough, we dared to assume the left - right asymmetric pressure field by inclining the ship with heel angle θ. In that state, the force and moment due to hydrostatic pressure were calculated correctly with respect to the tilted coordinate system fixed to the floating body. By doing so, we succeeded in determining the center of pressure.  Then, by setting the heel angle θ to zero, it was proved that the center of hydrostatic pressure is equal to the well-known center of buoyancy, i.e., the centroid of the cross - sectional area under the water surface.  Specifically, the above proof is first shown for a rectangular cross - section, and then for an arbitrary shape of floating body by applying Gauss's integral theorem.departmental bulletin pape


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