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    War and Peace Described in Textbooks for Moral Education in The People's Republic of China--Integration through Moral Textbooks

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    Moral education textbooks of “Morality and Life” and “Morality and Society” in the PRC combine history, geography and politics with morality in a world view. Morality is not integrated as a separate world view within personality, as it is in Japan, but it is overwhelmingly organized outside of children themselves. We analyzed 10 kinds of moral education textbooks used in the PRC, published from 2002 to 2013. In Chinese moral textbooks, the history of the Opium War and the defeat of the Japanese military are organized in order to legitimize the Chinese Communist party's integration and operation within China. Peace in these textbooks is not only viewed as the opposite of War, but the concept richly includes a view of the Chinese people’s liberation, global unity of economy with other countries, development of science and technology in the PRC, along with world politics from a Chinese perspective.departmental bulletin pape

    A Moral Education Lesson to Enhance Self-Affirmative Consciousness in Japan and Taiwan

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    This paper addresses clinical research on moral education lessons to enhance the self-affirmative consciousness of students in Japan and Taiwan. We conducted four lessons for fifth and sixth graders under the same conditions. The lesson was about the natural environment and was organized as a cooperative learning experience. The Association Method was employed as an assessment.  Prompted by the image of , response words such as “water,” “air,” and “environment” appeared in four classes after the lesson. Through the 60-minute lesson, more than half of the response words changed. This indicates that the children concentrated deeply on the lesson, and that it made an impression on them.  The results from the Japanese A and B and Taiwanese C and D schools were diverse. We compared the response words before andafter the lesson, using the Association Method by cue word , which shows self-affirmative consciousness. In class A, words that recognize the importance of nature appeared even in self-consciousness, and in class B, positive words increased and negative words decreased significantly (p < .05). In class C, consciousness of “oneself” and “family” increased, and in class D, “life” and “friend” increased. We interpreted these differences as a result of the children’s reflections on their own inner character and the historical background they have learned and not learned.departmental bulletin pape

    A Quantitative Study of Sentencing Standards for the Term of Imprisonment to be Imposed for Sexual Offenses

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    P(論文)This article presents a quantitative sentencing standard for sexual offenses using statistical analyses of judicial precedents obtained from database. The analyses found the following. (1) The basic position on the sentencing standards for sexual offences is determined by the number of victims and the presence or absence and degree of injury related to the most serious case. (2) The victim's failure and drinking influence the range of the sentencing as modifying factors to the basic position determined in (1) above. And, (3) settlement out of court, likelihood of recidivism, youth, etc., exert an influence as modifying factors to the range of sentencing determined in (1) and (2) above to finally determine the sentencing. Japanese sentencing standards for sexual offences have revealed a tendency to emphasize results. In addition, the present study found that sexual offences against spouses, partners, and mentally-handicapped persons tended to receive lighter sentences, while sexual abuse by parents and teachers tended to receive heavier sentences. The study also reveals that sentencing for sexual offences has become moderately heavier in Japan over the 15-year period from 2002 to 2016.departmental bulletin pape


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    Examining the Validity of Subjective Career as Satisfaction Factors for Former International Student Employees : A questionnaire Survey Based on the Results of a Qualitative study

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    E(その他)International students are expected to become highly skilled human resource and labor force in industries with labor shortages in Japan. However, challenges have been identified regarding their retention after employment. Watabe (2021) conducted an interview survey on life career satisfaction factors of former international science student employees working in Japan to explore their career decision-making factors such as retention and returning home. The survey results were analyzed with the aid of Shockley's (2015) Subjective Career Success Inventory (SCSI) to identify subjective career items and how they are related to career decision-making. This study aims to quantitatively examine the validity of the subjective career items identified in Watabe's qualitative study. The findings indicate that the subjective career items from Watabe's study are generally valid, that there are subjective career items specific to different occupations, and that satisfaction does not necessarily influence the intention to return home.departmental bulletin pape

    Necessity of Standardizing the Research Method for Beginners : Considering Expansion of Research Opportunities at Secondary Education Level

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    P(論文)Learning science through inquiry has been regarded as the heart of science education, and it is considered that active processes in research activity containing inquiry-based activity (hereinafter collectively called "research activity") improve scientific judging skills required in the real world. Based on this recognition, the introduction of the research activity is proceeding more and more in the field of science education in Japan. However, the way of instructing a student how to perform research activity depends exclusively on teachers’ individual research-skills, and the research method is usually not standardized across teachers in a single school, not to mention across schools. In this study, referring to one case at a typical public upper secondary school in Nara, the reality of the introduction of the research activity was reviewed. As a result, the necessity of standardizing the research method was suggested.departmental bulletin pape

    Learning Japanese through Newspaper Submission ActivitiesA Study based on Two Japanese Language Classes and the Results of Questionnaire Surveys

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