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    Water Bottles, Mosques, and Bombs: Found Objects in the Barry M. Goldwater Range

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    Revitalizing a Socially Disorganized Neighborhood: Is Social Organization Possible?

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    Shaw and McKay\u27s Social Disorganization theory (1942) posits that ethnic heterogeneity, population change, poverty, inadequate housing, and adult crime signify instability in a neighborhood (1942:xii). These demographic indicators were measured by the 1960 to 2010 Censuses to illustrate the instability of North Minneapolis, Minnesota over time. Additionally, ten interviews with neighborhood leaders and city planners were conducted to understand contributing factors and strategies for renewal to answer the question: Will gentrification in North Minneapolis produce a more organized and stable society? I conclude that neighborhood revitalization—a rejection of gentrification—will promote social stability within the community


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    \u27Perpetrators\u27 is an original devised theater production created by a group of students who came together for 14 weeks to dig into, unravel, deconstruct, reconstruct, tear apart, and put band aids on this idea of theft. While not a group comps, this project was highly collaborative and required the creative efforts of everyone in the group to fill in the content of the performance. \u27Perpetrators\u27 breaks down our understanding of stealing to reveal how we have been and will continue to be stolen in the most subtle ways

    The Role of Science Fiction and Contingency in Decision-Making

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    This paper is about the possibility of (1) envisioning personal and societal alternatives to the present world (roughly defined as the way things are now) and (2) making such alternative worlds feasible, or, more precisely, showing us that they are feasible already. I first present two observations about how we generally act: (a) we generally act by example, and (b) we generally act from considerations about what\u27s feasible. Combining these observations, I argue that certain kinds of popular art -- science fiction, and what I\u27ll term hauntological art -- can, by helping to bring about (1) and (2) respectively, conceivably prompt us to bring about alternate ways of being

    Bank stability of Spring Creek, Northfield, Minnesota, between 1999 and 2017: A comprehensive analysis of natural bank recovery after substantial flooding

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    The purpose of this study was to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the stability of the banks of Spring Creek, located in Northfield, Minnesota. Initial data was obtained in 1999, after a substantial flood in 1998. The Advanced Geomorphology class at Carleton College determined the relative stability of 35 sites along the banks between 4th Street and the Lyman Lakes. Students recommended stabilization for five sites, and suggested that an additional four might benefit from manual stabilization as well. Ultimately, the College did not act on these recommendations. The present study returned to the banks observed in 1999 and used the Factor of Safety equation to determine their relative stability in 2017. Some factors, such as slab thickness, were unknown, so values were approximated using results from similar studies. In the case of slab thickness, all banks were analyzed using four different slab thicknesses to best understand relative stability. This study concluded that of the 35 banks observed over the 18-year time period, 17 had stabilized with a slab thickness of 0.3 m, 16 had stabilized with a slab thickness of 0.5 m, 9 had stabilized with a slab thickness of 0.7 m, and 6 had stabilized with a slab thickness of 1.0 m. While this is a large range, it nonetheless indicates that the banks tend towards natural stabilization over time. Of the five sites that were recommended for manual stabilization in 1999, all had stabilized without manual intervention with a slab thickness of 0.3, four had stabilized with a slab thickness of 0.5 m, two had stabilized with a slab thickness of 0.7 m, and one had stabilized with a slab thickness of 1.0 m. This study recommends that Carleton College not intervene in stabilizing the banks of Spring Creek in the future when flooding events of this scale occur, the past two decades have proved that the banks will stabilize themselves with enough time

    Out of the jungle : the rise of the American county as regional power-player

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    The Molecular Pathology and Therapeutic Potential of Autophagy in Alzheimer\u27s Disease

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    Between ren and Community: how does one die with moral value?

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    The Ant Hill

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    Body of work encompassing themes of family, childhood, and transition. The works included are oil paintings and ink drawings of family photos from multiple generations. There are several hundred small carpenter ant models that are displayed along with the 2D works trailing up to the ceiling into a smoke alarm and out of an outlet. The ants form a spiral at the center of the photos carrying and running under and over several of them. These are based on childhood memories I have intermingled with stories my parents have told from our time moving between various rentals while I was little and they were in school


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