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    Founder\u27s Remarks Commemorating the 15th Anniversary

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    Hastings Alumni Bulletin Vol. VII, No.2 (1966)

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    Initiative measure. Creates board appointed by Governor, to regulate and license horse racing and Pari-Mutuel betting within race track enclosure; limits racing period at each track; prohibits licensing racing at tracks constructed, without board\u27s approval,. after November 1, 1926; limits licensee\u27s return to nine per cent on capital invested; prescribes as license fees five hundred dollars each race day and licensee\u27s net profits above return allowed ; appropriates fees to board\u27s salaries and expenses, dividing balance equally between Veterans\u27 \u27Welfare Board and State Agricultural Board; authorizes licenses for limited period at county fairs or agricultural exhibits

    Wills: Disposition of Lapsed Residual Gifts

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    Hastings (Fall 2008)

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    Prohibits enactment or enforcement of any law requiring or coercing by any means, including financial penalty, sexual sterilization of any human or animal. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local government: Short-term savings to local governments because of the elimination of spay and neuter enforcement and surgery costs, offset in the long-term by unknown, but potentially significant, increased costs to operate shelters and provide animal control services to an increased dog and cat population. Unknown, but potentially significant loss of local government animal control revenue, because jurisdictions will no longer be able to charge a higher license or adoption fee for unaltered animals than for animals that are spayed or neutered. Potential avoidance of state costs of a few tens of thousands of dollars annually associated with the prohibition of chemical castration of certain prisoners upon their parole. (Initiative 07-0063.) (Full Text

    Lawyers\u27 Professional Liability Insurance

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    UC Hastings College of the Law Commencement Ceremonies Class of 1969

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    Education. School Bonds. Elimination Of Two-Thirds Vote Requirement. Property Tax Limit Exemption. Tobacco Tax For Educational Programs.

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    EDUCATION. SCHOOL BONDS. ELIMINATION OF TWO-THIRDS VOTE REQUIREMENT. PROPERTY TAX LIMIT EXEMPTION. TOBACCO TAX FOR EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMS. INITIATIVE CONSTITUTIONAL AMENDMENT AND STATUTE. Reduces vote requirement to pass school construction bond measures from two-thirds to simple majority and exempts taxes for payments on bonds from one percent property tax limit. Increases tobacco tax by five cents per cigarette and equivalent amount for other products. Proceeds fund K-12 public education programs providing for achievement tests, class and school size reduction, school grants, and teacher qualifications, scholarships and salary supplements. Mandates 180 days of instruction in basic subjects annually. Limits teachers\u27 development days. Summary of estimate by Legislative Analyst and Director of Finance of fiscal impact on state and local governments: This measure would result in (1) increased annual revenues to pay for new K-12 education programs due to higher tobacco excise taxes of about $1.5 billion, which would slowly decrease in subsequent years; (2) long-run state school costs in the hundreds of millions of dollars as a result of students repeating grades under certain circumstances; and (3) increased local school bond revenues, potentially in the tens of millions to hundreds of millions of dollars annually, and potential long-term reduction in state school construction costs of a similar magnitude


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