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    Executive Board Meeting of the Monterey Peninsula Japanese American Citizens League, February 8, 1940

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    Minutes of the Monterey Peninsula Japanese American Citizens League executive meeting. Includes discussion of funds raised for the National Infantile Paralysis Fund, the Japanese Association Hall lawn project, transportation to the District Council meeting in San Jose, and suggestions for increasing membership.

    1960, Monterey County Crop Report

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    Annual report pertaining to agriculture in Monterey County, California.

    Otter Realm, April 17, 2008

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    Excited Students, Nervous Parents: An inside look at campus tours -- Increased Cost Sends Spring Formal Home -- Starting an On-Campus Club with Ease -- College Drinking: Potential Alcoholism or Just a Good Time? -- Students Needed to Vote for a Better CSUMB -- Timely Tips for Tardy Taxpayers -- Education Rallies Demand Attention Across California -- A Movement of Large Porportions -- Sexual Healing And All That Jizz! -- Rebels Continue Holding Hostages, France Attempts Negotiations -- CSUMB Students Rock Out for Planet Earth -- Wild Animals Make an Appearance in Monterey Bay -- CSUMB Sorority Celebrates Breast Cancer Awareness -- Take a Study Break at Local Cafes -- The Healing Power of Music and Art -- What You Otter Do! Apr 17 - Apr 30 -- Otter Waves -- Golf Team Shines Their Clubs for a New Season -- Big Sur Marathon Challenges Runners -- Fair Winds and Rough Waters for Sailing Team -- Sea Otter Classic to Draw Large Crowds -- Health Hints: Strength and Flexibility with a Balanced Mind -- CSUMB Speed Demon Finally Slows Down -- Otter Oops -- Exploring Laura ... Drama, Drama, Drama -- Piper\u27s Predictions -- What is your favorite Coastal Sport?

    1862, July 2 - 12 Stat. 503, Act Donating Public Land For Colleges

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    An act donating Public Lands to provide colleges for the benefit of agriculture and mechanic arts, an amount to be apportioned to each State a quantity equal to thirty-thousand acres for each senator and representative in under the census of 1860. No mineral lands were to be selected or purchase under this act. Moneys from sales of land to be invested, to constitute a perpetual fund, interest to be applied to support one college for agriculture and the mechanic arts. Set forth the conditions under which the grant of land and land scrip could be made.

    1978 - Water Resources Investigations - Two-Dimensional and Three-Dimensional Digital Flow Models of the Salinas Valley Ground-Water Basin, Report 78-113

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    This 1978 report discussed a group of hydrologic models that were developed for the Salinas Valley that included the small-stream model, river model, two -dimensional ground-water model, and three dimensional ground-water model. The small-stream model simulated ground-water recharge from small streams that were tributary to the Salinas River. The river model simulated ground-water recharge from and surface-water discharge in the Salinas River. The two-dimensional and three-dimensional ground-water models simulated hydraulic head in the ground-water basin. The report noted that in addition to being an important agricultural area, Salinas Valley contained several growing urban areas that obtained water from the ground water near the areas of demand. The geographic areas with locally large urban demand for ground water were generally contiguous to areas with local agricultural ground-water supply problems, and the urban demand tended to exacerbate the agricultural supply problems. A major part of the investigation was oriented toward formulating plans for managing the water resources of the area with respect to water supply, water quality, and waste water.

    German People and the Holocaust

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    This paper will explore the circumstances of Germany and the German people before the Holocaust and how those circumstances influenced the Holocaust. I will be looking at primary and secondary sources and using historical research methods. I am focusing on Anti-Semitic feelings in Germany, the propaganda against the Jewish people, using the Jewish people as a scapegoat for the problems of Germany, then finally going into how labor camps developed into concentration camps and places of mass murder. I will be using Auschwitz camp as my main focus for the concentration camp since it was one of the first camps to become a death camp and it became notorious for it

    Professional Development on Bullying and Impacts on Social and Emotional Growth of Elementary School Students

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    Bullying in elementary schools is a social and emotional issue that affect many young children in today’s society. Professional development for teachers on bullying today is not effective because they lack the proper training. After interviewing elementary school teachers and researching literature reviews, research supports that professional development on bullying is not benefiting students socially and emotionally. Unfortunately, without the proper professional development training, the student’s needs cannot be met. To solve this issue, there are three possible solutions that could be used. Those three solutions include enhancing teacher professional development, improve disciplinary actions, and provide information/resources for students. Due to my research, the best solution to use is enhancing teacher professional development. This option would provide teachers with the necessary resources that can help elementary school students

    A Theoretical Analysis of ISIS Indoctrination and Recruitment

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    This paper is an attempt to use various theories in the social sciences as a tool to understand the mechanisms employed in ISIS indoctrination and recruitment tactics. There is a discussion of theories that have been developed in the field of influence psychology, rationalizing the context of indoctrination within this area of study. There is a discussion of proposedly relevant materials in philosophy, specifically simulacrum and linguistic deconstruction. These components are extrapolated to interpret a first person account of ISIS indoctrination, the first-ever ISIS recruitment film, and a Radical-Islamist periodical Inspire Magazine. Using a form of propaganda film analysis, and a comparative analysis, this research found that ISIS recruitment tactics rely on a scheme that is similar to cult indoctrination: deconstructing a target\u27s social reality, reconstructing their social reality, and preventing outsider influence once their reality has been reconstructed

    Miscellaneous Land Pamphlets - Swamp and Overflowed Lands in Colusa County

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    Handwritten ledger pertaining to the survey and disposition of swamp and overflowed lands in Colusa County, California

    Hypermasculinity in the Heavy Metal Subculture

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    This study analyzes the dynamics of the heavy metal subculture through the lens of gender. Through fieldwork in the heavy metal culture, themes of discrimination against women were made notable. The sociology of gender, both subtle and conspicuous, was used as a theoretical basis for this research. The purpose of this paper is to study relevant aspects of gender in the contemporary heavy metal subculture. I conducted ten interviews with self-described fans of the music genre, as well as thirty participant observations in the environment in which they dwell. Themes of sexualization and ostracization based on gender expression were apparent. I applied the theory of othering by Simone De Beauvoir and “doing gender” theory by Zimmerman and West in order to examine gender issues within this subculture. To uncover the experiences of members in heavy metal community, I analyzed qualitative data that is ethnographic in nature. My findings revealed aggressive othering based on individual gender expression, specifically negative attitudes toward femininity. Although many participants reported negative aspects of the metal scene, they still reported a strong connectedness to the culture as a whole. This paper emphasizes the effects of hypermasculinity on women in the heavy metal subculture
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