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    Discipling College Students Through Scripture Engagement: A Philosophy of Ministry

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    Within the Church today, there is a concerning lack of Bible prioritization. College students are also leaving the Church and saying farewell to the Christian faith at an unprecedented rate. Discipleship with college students has become something that is sadly overlooked. Therefore, this paper presents a philosophy for Instill Ministries which is a college ministry that strives to disciple college students through Scripture Engagement. The goal of this paper is to provide a ministry paradigm that helps local churches in college towns to intentionally disciple the students in the area. This paper describes the theological and anthropological premises that will impact how a college ministry operates. Additionally, it gives a detailed description of what an individual should look like after being involved in the ministry. However, this paper not only provides a theoretical basis for a college ministry seeking to disciple college students, but it also provides a practical basis for doing so. Through intentionally organized programs, students are welcomed into a Christian community to be discipled. As college students are being discipled, they are becoming transformed into the image of God which is the ultimate purpose of humanity


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    “Dora Rivera, a senior with a passion for opera, gets a chance to sing Christian Rock during the \u27Solid Rock\u27 worship night in Rediger Chapel. Donning her iconic leather jacket and bright lipstick, she walks onstage and belts out her favorite song by Relient K.”https://pillars.taylor.edu/quintu23-fashion/1013/thumbnail.jp

    Dissolving Discrimination: A Study and Critique of Sexual Violence Against Disabled Individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa

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    This paper examines and critiques current sexual violence against disabled individuals in Sub-Saharan Africa by evaluating the social and cultural stigma present that perpetuates cycles of vulnerabilities. Currently, women and girls with disabilities are disproportionally at risk for sexual violence as economic, cultural, and political structures in many Sub-Saharan African countries fail to recognize and adequately protect those with disabilities. Incorporating evidence from journals, books, reviews, and studies, this paper demonstrates the need for non-government and governments actors to recognize the need to provide protection and trauma-informed care for disabled individuals

    Before the Mist

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    This is a scene from an excerpt of a short story where a boy’s dad gets lost at sea, and so the boy sets out in a rowboat to find him. In this particular scene, he comes upon a wall mist, and after pausing for a moment, decides to enter. While within the mist, he meets a sea creature, and shortly after rows into a violent storm when he almost drowns. But his father’s voice saves him, and eventually, the boy returns home without his father. Course: ART 151, 2D Design (Prof. Hannah Richardson)https://pillars.taylor.edu/two-d-design-fall2023/1003/thumbnail.jp

    Is There a Relationship Between Sport Gambling and Fandom?

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    Our group looked into the relatioship between sport gambling and the impact it has on the experience of viewing an event

    The Agile College: How Institutions Successfully Navigate Demographic Changes

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    Andrew J. Cornelius reviews The Agile College: How Institutions Successfully Navigate Demographic Changes by Nathan D. Grawe, published by John Hopkins University Press, 2021

    St. Columbanus and Holiness in Community

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    Numerical Range of Strictly Triangular Matrices Over Finite Fields

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    In this paper, we investigate the numerical range of matrices over finite fields, particularly triangular matrices. We conjecture that all strictly triangular matrices over finite fields of dimension 3 or greater have a numerical range encompassing the entirety of the finite field. We use both algebraic and computational methods to support this claim, making some concrete progress towards the algebraic proof. Further, we conjecture that all matrices over finite fields have a numerical range falling into one of five potential categories, providing an extensive appendix of randomly generated computational examples which seems to support this conjecture

    Unscripted Book Review

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    In this paper I discuss the book Unscripted: The Unpredictable Moments that make life extraordinary . This involves things such as the contents of the book, my takeaways from the book and the thinking that I went through while reading it. A slide deck is also included from the class presentation of the material

    The Matheny Manifesto

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    The book is written by former Major League Manager Mike Matheny and takes a dive into the Matheny Manifesto, which was a letter he wrote to the parents of his son\u27s travel team before he began coaching them. A slide deck is also included from the class presentation of the material


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