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    G30S is one of the great tragedies recorded in Indonesian history because it led an unreasonable number of casualties. It started with the emergence of a rebellion movement carried out by the communist party, triggering resistance that demanded the lives of many innocent victims. Several resistance and unfair treatment in several areas then occurred as an effort to wipe out descendants and people suspected of being communists in Indonesia. Apart from cruel detention and torture which resulted in physical injuries and bloodshed, this dark incident little by little eroded the mental condition of the victims and did not hesitate to kill them slowly. This research examines the psychology of communist victim characters in the short stories Surat Undangan, Kerbau Bertanduk Emas by Putu Oka Sukanta, and Tanah Air by Martin Aleida. The stories studied are equally themed about the suffering of the 1965 tragedy that was felt by the victims of the communists. This study uses a literary psychology approach according to Sigmund Freud's theory. The data in this study were found through comparative literature and qualitative descriptive methods using reading and note-taking techniques. The results of the research show that there are three psychological elements found in the victim character, namely Id, Ego, and Super ego. As a result of the victim's trauma, the form of ID shown in some of the data in the text occurs consciously, semi-consciously, or in a state that is not truly conscious. The form of the ego is photographed through the actions of victims that occur in reality or general reality. While the Super ego is the action of the victim character in the text which is motivated by the dominance of moral attitudes and politeness


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    Syair Cermin Islam is a Malay oral text which contains Islamic teachings related to amar ma'ruf and nahi mungkar. This poetry text has elements of transcendence, namely going beyond human experience which is prophetic in nature. This research aims to describe the prophetic reality in the text of Syair Cermin Islam which is still relevant in today's modern world. This research uses a dynamic-structuralism (semiotic) approach and data analysis is carried out using content analysis techniques. The semiotic approach is a sign system approach. Signs in literary literature come in the form of texts, both within the text structure and outside the text structure. Of course it will contribute to the understanding of prophetic reality. The data analysis method refers to the process of determining the unit of analysis which consists of poetry text. The main findings in this research are: Firstly, prophetic reality in the aspect of meaning reconstruction and interpretation related to the transcendence of amar ma'ruf and nahi munkar, with divine awareness and longing for eternal life. Second, the prophetic reality in the liberation aspect is related to the relationship between actions and the consequences received for those actions. The essence of the findings from the analysis of the text of Syair Cermin Islam is in the form of a command to do good deeds and abandon bad deeds so that humans are safe in this world and in the afterlife


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    This research aims to determine whether the reading comprehension ability of Expository Text in class X TE 4 (Electrical Engineering 1), SMKN 4 Semarang students can improve by utilizing text transformation into infographics. The research subjects were class X TE 4 students with a total of 36 students consisting of (24) male students  and (12) female students. The research method used is data collection is using qualitative methods, through interviews with several questions related to the problems faced by students. After qualitative data is obtained, students will be given an infographic of one of the exposition texts and 5 questions related to the exposition text given. The results of the research can be seen through the extent to which students are correct in answering the questions and will be proven through the scores obtained from the 5 questions that have been sent. From the infographic media provided, students were very enthusiastic in observing and answering questions quickly and correctly just by reading the infographic images. In this research, it can be seen that all students are busy looking for answers and no one is lazy anymore. Based on the research results, as many as 90% of their 36 students were able to answer all the questions correctly. So it can be concluded that infographic transformation can increase the reading ability of students in class X TE 4 SMKN 4 Semarang


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    This study aims to use an ethnolinguistic viewpoint and a phenomenological approach to explain the meaning of linguistic units in the Javanese Temanggung dialect. This is in line with the theory of language relativity put forward by Humbolt thesis of language relativity, which claims that there is a link between society, language, and culture, and that each language includes a unique world view. The core data in this study are the linguistic expressions in Basa Temanggungan video, and the secondary data are key informant confirmation and verification results regarding the meaning of lingual units found in the video.The findings suggest that language expressions can describe people's local knowledge based on their culture. The term usel, for example, refers to donated money that is wrapped in a little envelope and given to the host when attending a celebration. It is termed usel because it is offered to the host by slipping it into the host’s hand. The habit of small chat is still very prominent in Javanese society, the host receives the donation with small conversation as if he were about to decline it, forcing the giver to push the host to accept it by tucking it in. The word usel is only used by Temanggung people, not by individuals from other communities


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    This research aims to determine the use of learning media on the Wizer.me website assisted by Canva in Indonesian Fable Text lessons. The method used in this research is descriptive qualitative. The data source in this research is class VIII B students of SMP IP Yakin Jakarta located in Cengkareng, West Jakarta. This research instrument uses field observations. In collecting data using the Wizer.me website which has been modified using the Canva application link to be applied to class VIII B students in class and a questionnaire in the form of a Google form. The technique used in the research is a note-taking technique by describing the scores for each aspect. The assessment score uses a Likert scale. The use of Wizer.me media with the help of Canva is quite effective as a student worksheet on fable texts in Indonesian language lessons. The results of research on class VIII B students at SMP IP Yakin Jakarta showed that 75.9% of students liked the Wizer.me learning media, 79.3% students chose Wizer.me media as suitable for Fable Text material, 72.4% of students agreed that the learning material was suitable for Wizer.me Student Worksheets, 72.4% of students were interested in Wizer.me media as worksheets rather than paper, 72.4% students agree that the Wizer.me learning media assisted by Canva makes them  easier to access Fable Text material, and 65.5% of students


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    Indonesian teaching materials for procedural text material with the theme of traditional food are still rarely found. Teaching materials that are currently developing do not consider graphical aspects such as choosing colors, typefaces, and using pictures or illustrations. Therefore, it is necessary to develop teaching materials for traditional food-themed procedure text materials that have attractive designs with contemporary graphics, communicative language, simple material, and consistent presentation of themes. This research aims to produce teaching materials for traditional food-themed procedure texts with content, presentation, language, and graphics that are feasible to be implemented in learning. This research uses the development model of Borg and Gall version of Sukmadinata which includes (1) preliminary study; (2) design and development; and (3) testing of teaching materials. The types of data obtained from this teaching material development research are qualitative data and quantitative data. The results of the final testing of teaching materials by experts reached a percentage of 99%. Thus, the teaching materials for traditional food-themed procedure texts that have been developed have very feasible qualifications and can be implemented in Indonesian language learning


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    Masculinity can not only be found in novels, but is often encountered in everyday life. Examining this novel through a masculinity approach can reveal the form of masculinity depicted in the novel Di Tanah Lada. The aim of this research is to describe negative forms of masculinity in the novel Di Tanah Lada by Ziggy Zezsyazeoviennazabriskie which is analyzed based on Bourdie's theory regarding depictions of masculinity such as the social construction of the body, the incorporation of domination, symbolic violence, women in the symbolic wealth economy, virility and violence. It is hoped that the benefits of this research can be a source of reading reference as well as a contribution to the field of literary studies, especially masculinity.The method used by the author in this research is a qualitative descriptive research method. The data collection technique in this research was carried out by reading and taking notes using data analysis techniques which went through three stages, namely data reduction, data presentation and drawing conclusions. The results of the research show that there are 10 data in the novel Di Tanah Lada by Ziggy Zezsyazeoviennazabriskie which reflect the negative masculinity image of the character Papa who has a temperamental nature, uses power for bad things, does not respect women, often commits violence and insults, is not a good husband in a family and There is data that shows inequality in men because of existing masculinity, namely the idea that a man cannot cry


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    This research aims to describe the inventory and distribution of phonemes in the East Seram language in Manokwari, West Papua. The data consists of 850 Swadesh core vocabularies obtained in the East Seram language from people from Seram Island who now live in Manokwari. Data sources were obtained from informants' responses or answers to questions asked by researchers both orally and in writing and summarized in a Swadesh list. The method used is descriptive qualitative. Data was collected in depth through direct interaction with informant subjects through observation, interviews, and audio recordings. The process of analyzing the data encompasses transcribing the data, creating a phoneme inventory, and categorizing sounds according to different features, such as articulation and distribution, to recognize vowel and consonant phonemes in the language of East Seram in Manokwari, West Papua. This process includes analyzing phoneme usage patterns in words in initial, middle, and final positions. The results of the data analysis concluded that the East Seram language in Manokwari, West Papua, has 23 segmental phonemes consisting of 18 consonants and five vowels (monophthongs). These phonemes are: p/, /b/, /t/, /d/, /c/, /j/, /k/, /g/, /f/, /s/, /h/, /m/, /n/, /ŋ/, /r/, /l/, /w/, /y/, a/, /i/, /u/, /e/ and /o/


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    This research problem is what are the hidden meaning of five age children‟squestion in family conversation? The purpose of this research is to describe and gain  a  deep  understanding  of  the  hidden  meaning  of  five  aged  children‟s question in family conversation. The design used in this study was decriptive qualitative design. The result of the study: (1) the hidden meaning of five age children‟s quetion in family conversation are the ruling in five forbid ask and reject, (2) understand the question, in particular the purpose hidden in the question, a person must consider the context of the speech very well. Without it, the hidden meaning of five aged children‟s quetion in family conversation cannot be interpreted correctly. A similar question when different context would lead to differences in meaning. Masalah penelitian ini adalah: Apa maksud tersembunyi pertanyaan anak usia  5  tahun  dalam  percakapan  keluarga?  Penelitian  ini  bertujuan  untukmendekripsikan dan memperoleh pemahaman yang mendalam tentang maksud tersembunyi pertanyaan anak usia lima tahun dalam percakapan keluarga yang berbahasa Indonesia. Rancangan yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini adalahrancangan deskriptif kualitatif. Hasil penelitian yang diperoleh: (1) maksud tersembunyi dalam pertanyaan anak usia lima tahun dalam percakapan keluargaada lima, yakni memerintah, mengajak, melarang, meminta, dan menolak, (2) dapat memahami pertanyaan, khususnya maksud dan fungsi tersembunyi dalam pertanyaan,  seseorang  harus  memperhatikan  konteks  tuturan  dengan  baik.Tanpa hal tersebut, implikatur pertanyaan tidak dapat dimaknai dengan benar. Suatu pertanyaan yang sama apabila berbeda konteksnya akan menimbulkanperbedaan maknanya

    Citra Makanan Indonesia dalam Puisi di Atas Meja Makan: Kajian Gastrokritik

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    This study focuses on describing the image of Indonesian food in the collection of Poems on the Dining Table by Nova. In general, poetry only introduces how the author feels about what he feels about life, but through this gastrocritical research researchers want to show the distinctive form of poems with food themes and as a form of characteristics and culture from the area. Gastronomy has an important role to play in conveying the history of food it originated and became more than just food. The methods used in this study are qualitative methods and careful reading methods to describe the concept of gastrocriticism in culinary and art. The procedures in data collection used to collect data are the stage of determining the source of the data, the stage of reading the whole, the stage of categorizing the concept of gastrocriticism, and the stage of describing the results of gastrocriticism. The discovery of culinary and artistic concepts in poetry on the dinner table includes, 1) the image of taste, 2) the way of presentation, and 3) the way the food is consumed. Of the three culinary and artistic concepts, the most dominant result obtained in poetry research on the dinner table is the way of presentation. AbstrakPenelitian ini berfokus untuk mendeskripsikan citra makanan Indonesia dalam kumpulan Puisi di Atas Meja Makan karya Nova. Pada umumnya puisi hanya mengenalkan bagaimana perasaan penulis terkait apa yang dirasakan tentang kehidupan, tetapi melalui penelitian gastrokritik ini peneliti ingin menunjukan bentuk khas dari puisi-puisi yang bertema makanan dan sebagai bentuk ciri khas dan budaya dari daerah tersebut. Gastronomi memiliki peran penting dalam menyampaiakan sebuah sejarah makanan itu berasal dan menjadi lebih dari sekedar makanan. Metode  yang digunakan dalam penelitian ini berupa metode kualitatif dan metode membaca cermat untuk mendeskripsikan konsep gastrokritik pada kuliner dan seni. Prosedur dalam pengumpulan data yang digunakan untuk mengumpulkan data yaitu tahap menentukan sumber data, tahap membaca keseluruhan, tahap mengkategorikan konsep gastrokritik, dan  tahap menjabarkan hasil dari gastrokritik. Penemuan konsep kuliner dan seni dalam puisi di atas meja makan diantaranya, 1) citra rasa, 2) cara penyajian, dan 3) cara makanan tersebut dikonsumsi. Dari ketiga konsep kuliner dan seni, hasil yang diperoleh dalam penelitian puisi di atas meja makan yang paling dominan adalah Citra rasa


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