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    Schultz\u27s second book accepted for publication

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    Kundiman Fellow (Fellowship)

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    Rana was accepted as a 2019 Kundiman Fellow. She will be attending the retreat at Fordham College this summer. Kundiman is a national nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing generations of writers and readers of Asian American literature

    Review of Doing Philosophy: From Common Curiosity to Logical Reasoning

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    Critical Remarks on an Interpretation of Reid on Perceptual Apprehension

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    I argue that Thomas Reid’s theory of perception can be defended against the charges of inconsistency levied against it by Nicholas Wolterstorff. The challenge to be met is roughly that of showing how the Reidian account of perception can avoid being hampered by a descriptive theory of mental reference for perceptual states. First, I will review Reid’s theory of perception and Wolterstorff’s objections to it. Wolterstorff maintains that Reid is committed to an account of perceptual reference according to which mental representations are conceptual intermediaries between the perceiver and the objects of perception. I hope in section III to show that the theory attributed to Reid is unworkable. In the remainder of the paper I will argue that Reid need not be committed to any such view. In sections V through IX, I will sketch an alternative account of perceptual reference that is immediate in the required sense and that can be incorporated into a Reidian account of perception. My proposal will depend crucially on David Kaplan’s account of demonstratives and on mobilizing Kaplan’s semantics for application to the case of perceptual content

    The Effects of Berberine vs. Metformin for Decreasing Waist Circumference and Serum Lipid Levels in Women with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome

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    Background: Polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) is a highly prevalent disease that effects both metabolic and reproductive systems in women. PCOS is associated with a high incidence of obesity, insulin resistance, hyperandrogenism, hyperlipidemia, menstrual cycle dysfunction, and infertility. Diagnosis is made using the Rotterdam Criteria, and current accepted medical management of PCOS includes lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise, oral contraceptive pills (OCP), metformin (MET), and bariatric surgery. a. The aim of this systematic review is to assess the effect of berberine on waist circumference and cholesterol levels. Methods: A comprehensive literature search was done using Medline, Web of Science, and Clinical key using keywords PCOS or polycystic ovarian syndrome and berberine. Relevant studies were critically assessed using GRADE. Results: Two studies were chosen for this systematic review, one randomized control trial, and one case control study, that adequately assessed the effects of berberine compared to metformin as well as alone for the treatment of PCOS. The RCT showed that BBR appears to have greater effect than metformin on decreasing waist circumference and waist-to-hip ratio, total cholesterol, triglycerides, and low-density lipoprotein after 3 months of treatment. The case control study showed that BBR therapy caused a statistically significant decrease in waist circumference, LDL levels, and triglycerides in women with PCOS after 6 months of treatment. These studies resulted in a low quality of evidence overall. Conclusion: BBR caused a greater decrease in waist circumference and lipid profile than MET. This effect is additive when combined with lifestyle changes such as diet and exercise. More studies are needed to evaluate the long-term efficacy of BBR on weight loss and BMI. Overall as weak recommendation, berberine can be considered as a suitable alternative to metformin for the treatment of polycystic ovarian disease

    Mental Health Benefits Associated with Participation in A Dog Training Program at a Psychiatric Facility

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    Anecdotal reports and preliminary evidence have suggested that psychiatric patients who have participated in animal programs experience wide-ranging benefits, such as decreased psychiatric symptoms, fewer aggressive behavioral demonstrations, and reduced stress. However, there are few high-quality studies that provide quantitative data to support these findings. The purpose of the proposed study was to provide an empirical, quantitative evaluation of the effect of participation in a service dog program at Oregon State Hospital on participants’ mental health, medication use, skill development, and social engagement. This study also aimed to provide an example for how other evaluators could derive meaningful, quantitative data on the impact of psychiatric animal programs on participants. I utilized a quasi-experimental single subject AB design and reported data from three program participants. Cumulative findings indicated some preliminary support for hypothesized gains in subjective mental health and vocational skill development associated with program participation. No clear trends were found in other variables studied relative to participants’ participation (i.e., reduction in medication use or increased social engagement)

    “The Sweetest Savor”: Active Male Penetrators and Societal Anxieties in Arthurian Legend

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    The expected gender dichotomy of medieval European heterosexual relationships was simple. There was an active male penetrator and a passive female acceptor. This dichotomy is supported by court records from late medieval France, analyzed by Joseph Roelens, in which two women are put on trial for female sodomy and much importance is placed on the masculine character of one woman and the submissiveness of the other. In this paper, I examine two different stories from Arthurian Legend, Sir Thomas Malory’s “Morte d’Arthur” and Geoffrey Chaucer’s “The Wife’s Prologue and Tale” from The Canterbury Tales, that depict sexual relationships between the main male and female characters that function within the social norm of the gender dichotomy. In doing so, I argue that these stories use this active and passive gender dichotomy in an attempt to police men’s actions in their sexual relationships with women. I chose to examine these stories because they demonstrate the societal importance placed on this gender dichotomy in a very concrete way. The men in these stories who refuse to become passive, Sir Lancelot being the most prominent among them, are willing to sacrifice not only their life, but the life of the women they love (whether or not the women agree with this decision), in order to avoid breaking the gender dichotomy

    A Meta-Analysis of Adverse Childhood Experiences and Weight-Related Health Outcomes in Adulthood

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    Three out of every five youth experience one or more traumatic events during childhood, also known as adverse childhood experiences (ACEs; Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, 2015). ACEs are associated with a number of negative health outcomes, including higher odds of disability, risky health behaviors, and morbidity in adulthood even after controlling for related demographic information (Campbell, Walker, & Egede, 2016). To date, meta-analytic research on ACEs has not provided a focused and comprehensive evaluation of weight-related outcomes (i.e., obesity, disordered eating, Type II diabetes, and physical inactivity). The present meta-analysis seeks to fill gaps in the literature and build upon prior research by conducting an exhaustive literature search, focusing on numerous weight-related outcomes, including a larger data pool via less stringent inclusion criteria, including updated research, and including all types of ACEs as predictors. In those reporting at least four ACEs, an increased risk for overweight/obesity, Type II diabetes, and physical inactivity compared to no ACE exposure was found. Results resolved discordant findings in the literature by including updated research and using more comprehensive search methods to better understand the effects of ACEs on adult weight-related health outcomes


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