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    Helicopter Parenting and Narcissistic traits in Young Adults of Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta, Ogun State, Nigeria

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    This cross-sectional study examined the perception of helicopter parenting of mothers and narcissistic traits.  350 undergraduate students were randomly selected from Federal University of Agriculture Abeokuta. Pautler’s (2017) helicopter parenting and Pincus et al. (2009) pathological narcissism formed the questionnaire to elicit responses from the participants. Data collected were analysed for univariate and bivariate findings. The findings revealed 15.8% of the participants had a high perception of their mothers as a helicopter parent. Demographic characteristics of participants such as age, number of siblings, living arrangements and educational status of mothers had a significant relationship (p < 0.05) with perceived helicopter mothers. However, there was a significant relationship between vulnerable narcissism and the perceived helicopter parenting of mothers. The perception of youth on mothers’ helicopter parenting style was associated with age, number of siblings living arrangements and mother’s occupation respectively. Thus, there is a need for further study on fathers’ helicopter parenting style and how this can influence narcissism among young adults


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    The main objective of this study was to determine the learning styles and the performances of the Junior High School students in Mathematics from Cebu Province Division under the New Normal during the first quarter of the S.Y. 2020 – 2021 as the basis for Adaptive Learning Engagement Plans. This study employed a quantitative and qualitative research design which utilized a descriptive method using the response of the respondents in a self-made survey questionnaire and an adapted learning preference questionnaire as well as the scores obtained by the respondents from the exam in their Mathematics’ modules. The respondents were the junior high school students in each school through simple random sampling in each grade level. The findings of the study showed that the respondents had an age range appropriate for each grade level. The respondents have moderately good performance in mathematics in the previous school year (2019- 2020). As to learning style, forty-eight percent of the respondents were categorized as visual and the rest were auditory and haptic. Most of the respondents’ scores are average. Results showed that there is a significant correlation between the respondents’ gender, previous grade in mathematics, frequency of studying the lesson, and their learning preference which means they need to be given more attention and design more activities that suits their preference in learning under the new normal. It is hereby recommended that the adaptive learning engagement plans be implemented

    Prospecting Risk factors for Anxiety and Depression among University Students : A Delhi based Cross-Sectional Study

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    Recent studies on trends in depression and anxiety have led to raised concern regarding overall health status of college students during this crucial period of transition into adulthood which can potentially adversely affect their social and academic development. The present study aims to examine the association of various socio-demographic factors along with different forms of social and physical activities with prevalence of depression and anxiety among college students. The prevalence of depression and anxiety was found to be 33.3% and 32.4% respectively among the study participants. It was found that depression was lower among those who shared a close bond with their parents and siblings. Girls were found to be at significantly higher risk of depression (1.86; 95% C.I. (1.16-2.97)) compared to boys.  Students involved in active yoga showed lower depressive and anxiety disorders. The study identified being overweight and obese, along with an increasing consumption of social media (which promoted fad diets, comparisons etc.), as some of the major risk factors for mental disorders

    Design of sites for radio networks on Colombian cartography through the technological tool Xirio Online, Case study: Caparrapí – Cundinamarca

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    At present, with the development of emerging technologies, society is facing the need for network infrastructure to guarantee full broadcasting and coverage; thus requiring the development of tools, strategies and / or techniques such as the sites of base stations of telecommunications operators, also taking into account that with the appearance of 5G the number of antennas will increase because the use of high frequencies has less coverage. The implementation of the necessary infrastructure to achieve the desired deployment of the telecommunications network represents cultural, organizational, ecological and financial challenges, which is why in Colombia the Ministry of Information and Communications Technologies (MinTIC) established public policy guidelines for the massification of 5G technology seeking to reduce the existing digital divide between urban and rural territories. For this reason, the project supports its methodology in the Xirio Online Software, which using high resolution cartography allows planning, controlling and simulating radio frequencies in rural and urban environments; At the same time, it analyzes the configuration parameters implemented in the simulation of the site and its coverage.  The results obtained will serve as a tool for the installation or adaptation of the Telecommunications infrastructure in the municipality of Caparrapí – Cundinamarca, seeking in it a quality interconnection. &nbsp

    Evaluation of the potential of Chlorella vulgaris for the removal of pollutants from standing water

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    In this study we evaluated the microalga Chlorella vulgaris in order to determine the ability of the microalga to remove the highest concentration of contaminants present in stagnant water. A mixing design of the microalgae with the wastewater was carried out for 20 days, with a 12:12 h photoperiod, in a greenhouse. The highest removal efficiencies for heavy metals were ≥ 98% (mainly Cd, Hg, As and Pb) and ≥ 90% for BOD5, COD, nitrates, phosphates, total phosphorus, faecal and total coliforms. Finally, according to the design analysis, it was determined that the optimal microalgae mixture 1:10 achieves the highest DO production and the highest removal, in a cultivation time of 15 days. In conclusion, microalgae demonstrate their capacity for bioremediation of rural domestic wastewater jagüeyes

    Adaptability, Social Support, and Psychological Wellbeing Among Malaysian Adults

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    Malaysian adults are regularly exposed to a wide variety of complex stressors (exacerbated during the COVID-19 pandemic): these stressors, without sufficient protective resources, threaten to negatively impact upon psychological wellbeing. Recent literature has shown that personal resources (e.g., one’s adaptability) and situational resources (e.g., one’s social support) are associated with psychological wellbeing; however, limited research has examined the unique contribution of these resources to psychological wellbeing among collectivist cultures (e.g., Malaysian adults). Here, a sample of 136 Malaysian adults completed a survey measuring their adaptability and social support as well as different components of psychological wellbeing (i.e., flourishing, psychological distress, and life satisfaction). We found that adaptability and social support contribute significantly, and independently, to psychological wellbeing (all measures) among Malaysian adults, with social support being the stronger predictor in each case. Further, no significant interaction effects between adaptability and social support on psychological wellbeing were observed. The findings corroborate a developing literature suggesting that adaptability and social support may be targeted in efforts to enhance psychological wellbeing but also indicate that among Malaysian adults of a collectivist culture, social support may be more salient


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    A systematic review of the production and publication of research papers on the study of Internet use in Latin America was carried out under the PRISMA approach (Preferred Reporting Items for Systematic reviews and Meta-Analyses). The purpose of the analysis proposed in this document was to know the main characteristics of the publications registered in the Scopus and WoS databases during the year and their scope in the study of the proposed variables, achieving the identification of 55 publications in total. Thanks to this first identification, it was possible to refine the results through the keywords entered in the search button of both platforms, ICT, INTERNET, and LATIN AMERICA, reaching 14 documents, already excluding duplicates and those that did not meet the analysis criteria. The identified scientific publications were analyzed in order to know the main characteristics within the execution of research projects related to the study of the use of different Information and Communication Technologies and their application in different areas of knowledge in Latin America, thus determining the main advantages and disadvantages of the use of the Internet in aspects such as education, health, economy, among other


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    A documentary review was carried out on the production and publication of research papers concerning the study of variable Environmental Accounting in the accounting practice of companies in Ecuador. The bibliometric analysis proposed in this paper was to know the main characteristics of the volume of publications registered in the Scopus database during 2017-2022, identifying 35 publications. The information provided by the said platform was organized using tables and figures, categorizing the information by Year of Publication, International Cocitation, Area of Knowledge and Type of Publication. Once these characteristics were described, a qualitative analysis was used to refer to the position of different authors on the proposed topic. Among the main findings of this research, it is found that Ecuador registered a total of 35 publications referring to Environmental Accounting and its use in the accounting practice of its companies. The area of knowledge that made the greatest contribution to the study’s variables was Environmental Sciences, with 13 published documents. The type of publication that was most used during the period mentioned above was the journal article, which represents 86% of the total scientific production. &nbsp

    Protection Of Children’s Rights From Violation In The Family: Status And Recommendations In Vietnam

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    Violating children’s rights within the family is a reality many Vietnamese children have to live with. Despite Vietnam having ratified the Convention on the Rights of the Child and passing various legislation on children’s rights, family members violate many children\u27s rights. This article addresses their families\u27 violation of child rights under the purview of violence against children, child labour, and sexual abuse. The article shows the trends in violating these children’s rights by family members in Vietnam. The article further looks at various legislation that Vietnam has passed to tackle violence against children, child labour, and sexual abuse of children in Vietnam. Further, the article discusses how the legislation relates to the Convention on the Rights of the Child. In addition, the article has discussed the possible causes of the violation of children’s rights by family members in Vietnam. Moreover, the article has suggested possible solutions to the problems associated with each violation discussed in the article. The findings of this article would come in handy to researchers, policymakers, and legislators as they pursue ways of dealing with cases of violation of the rights of children in Vietnam

    Changes In Teaching Personality And Life Guidance Efficacy Of Pre-Service Early Childhood Teachers Through Team Project-Centred Child Abuse Prevention Activities

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    The purpose of this paper is to find out the changes in teaching personality and life guidance efficacy of pre-service early childhood teachers through team project-centred child abuse prevention poster production activities. Through this, it was intended to examine the direction of education for child abuse prevention. First of all, based on good deeds, 5 child abuse prevention poster production activities for pre-service early childhood teachers were organized. As for the pre- and post-tests, the life guidance efficacy and teaching personality tests were used. The subjects of this study were 25 pre-service early childhood teachers from A university located in S city, Gyeonggi-do. As a result of the study, it was found that the life guidance efficacy and teaching personality of pre-service early childhood teachers improved respectively compared to before and after the child abuse prevention poster production program was implemented. The results of this study can be used as basic data for the production of child abuse prevention programs in the future


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