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Phylogenetic and environmental DNA insights into emerging aquatic parasites: implications for risk management.

Type: | 2018

By Salma Sana, C. Williams, E.A. Hardouin, Adam Blake, P Davison, Josie Pegg, R. Paley, Tiantian Zhang and Demetra Andreou

Memória e espaço público na Barcelona pós-industrial

Type: | Publisher: http://journals.openedition.org/rccs/1110 | 2003

By Mari Paz Balibrea

Diminished socially selective neural processing in 5-month-old infants at high familial risk of autism

Type: | Publisher: Wiley-Blackwell | 2017

By R. Braukmann, Sarah Lloyd-Fox, Anna Blasi ribera, Mark H. Johnson, H. Bekkering, J.K. Buitelaar and S. Hunnius

Populism and Facebook: 14 countries, 117 parties and the 2014 European Parliamentary election

Type: | 2018

By K. Koc-Michalska, Darren Lilleker, R. Gibson, T. Michalski and J. Zajac

Is salinity an obstacle for biological invasions?

Type: | 2018

By F. Paiva, A. Barco, Y. Chen, A. Mirzajani, F.T. Chan, V. Lauringson, Miguel Baltazar-Soares, A. Zhan, S.A. Bailey, J. Javidpour and E. Briski

The Hitchhiker as Bricoleur Anthropologist

Type: | 2018

By Michael O'Regan

Quantitative MRI provides markers of intra-, inter-regional, and age-related differences in young adult cortical microstructure

Type: | Publisher: Elsevier | 2017

By D. Carey, F. Caprini, M. Allen, A. Lutti, N. Weiskopf, G. Rees, M.F. Callaghan and Frederic Dick

Smartphone application for the general public (mobile app review).

Type: | 2018

By Clare Killingback, E. Dore-Smith, N. Wakeman, L. Searles and Osman Ahmed

Editorial: Metastable Dynamics of Neural Ensembles

Type: | 2018

By Emili Balaguer-Ballester, R. Moreno-Bote, G. Deco and D. Durstewitz

Non-invasive laminar inference with MEG: comparison of methods and source inversion algorithms

Type: | Publisher: Elsevier | 2018

By J.J. Bonaiuto, H.E. Rossiter, S.S. Meyer, N. Adams, S. Little, M.F. Callaghan, Frederic Dick, S. Bestmann and G.R. Barnes

Which way to turn? Is the Haua Fteah a Levantine site?

Type: | Publisher: Society for Libyan Studies | 2018

By Tim Reynolds

Policy determinants of physical activity across the life course: a ‘DEDIPAC’ umbrella systematic literature review

Type: | 2018

By A. Puggina, K. Aleksovska, C. Buck, C. Burns, G. Cardon, A. Carlin, S. Chantal, D. Ciarapica, G. Condello, T. Coppinger, C. Cortis, S. D'Haese, M. De Craemer, A. Di Blasio, S. Hansen, L. Iacoviello, J. Issartel, P. Izzicupo, L. Jaeschke, M. Kanning, A. Kennedy, Fiona C.M. Ling, A. Luzak, G. Napolitano, J-A. Nazare, C. Perchoux, T. Pischon, A. Polito, A. Sannella, H. Schulz, R. Sohun, A. Steinbrecher, W. Schlicht, W. Ricciardi, C. MacDonncha, L. Capranica and S. Boccia

Complexity, uncertainty-reduction strategies and project performance

Type: | Publisher: Elsevier | 2016

By S. Floricel, J. Michela and Sorin Piperca

Extensive Tonotopic Mapping across Auditory Cortex Is recapitulated by spectrally directed attention and systematically related to Cortical Myeloarchitecture

Type: | Publisher: Society for Neuroscience | 2017

By Frederic Dick, M.I. Lehet, M.F. Callaghan, T.A. Keller, M.I. Sereno and L.L. Holt

International Edition of the Psychological Literacy Compendium

Type: | Publisher: The authors | 2018

By Jacqui Taylor and J. Hulme

Project management between will and representation

Type: | Publisher: Wiley | 2016

By S. Floricel and Sorin Piperca

Cross sectoral FDI spillovers and their impact on manufacturing productivity

Type: | 2016

By Edvard Orlic, I. Hashi and M. Hisarciklilar

The clinical effectiveness of different surveillance strategies to prevent colorectal cancer in people with intermediate-grade colorectal adenomas: a retrospective cohort analysis, and psychological and economic evaluations

Type: | Publisher: NIHR Health Technology Assessment Programme | 2017

By W. Atkin, A. Brenner, J. Martin, K. Wooldrage, U. Shah, F. Lucas, P. Greliak, K. Pack, I. Kralj-Hans, A. Thomson, S. Perera, J. Wood, Anne Miles, J. Wardle, B. Kearns, P. Tappenden, J. Myles, A. Veitch and S.W. Duffy

Finding parallel passages in cultural heritage archives

Type: | Publisher: ACM | 2018

By Martyn Harris, Mark Levene and Dell Zhang

Longevity and skeletal muscle mass: the role of IGF signalling, the sirtuins, dietary restriction and protein intake.

Type: | 2015

By A.P. Sharples, D.C. Hughes, Colleen Siobhan Deane, A. Saini, C. Selman and C.E. Stewart

To Be Bailed Out or To Be Left to Fail? A Dynamic Competing Risks Hazard Analysis

Type: | Publisher: Bournemouth University | 2017

By N.I. Papanikolaou

A dual early warning model of bank distress

Type: | Publisher: Bournemouth University | 2017

By N.I. Papanikolaou

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