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Kinetics of lithium peroxide oxidation by redox mediators and consequences for the lithium–oxygen cell

Type: | Publisher: Nature Publishing Group | 2018

By Yuhui Chen, Xiangwen Gao, Lee R. Johnson and Peter G. Bruce

Community heterogeneity of aquatic macroinvertebrates in urban ponds at a multi-city scale

Type: | Publisher: Springer

By MJ Hill, J Biggs, I Thornhill, RA Briers, M Ledger, DG Gledhill, PJ Wood and C Hassall

Performance improvement of simplified synchronous generators using an active power filter

Type: | 2017

By Al-Hussein Abu-Jalala, Tom Cox, C. Gerada and Mohamed Rashed

Privacy concerns arising from internet service personalization filters

Type: | Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) | 2015

By Ansgar Koene, Elvira Perez, Christopher J. Carter, Ramona Statache, Svenja Adolphs, Claire O’Malley, Tom Rodden and Derek McAuley

Centre of pressure characteristics in normal, planus and cavus feet

Type: | Publisher: BioMed Central | 2018

By AK Buldt, S Forghany, KB Landorf, GS Murley, P Levinger and HB Menz

The Hitchhiker as Bricoleur Anthropologist

Type: | 2018

By Michael O'Regan

Current status of feline lungworm in the UK

Type: | Publisher: BMJ Publishing Group | 2018

By Danièlle Gunn-Moore and Hany M. Elsheikha

Reduction of indole-3-acetic acid methyltransferase activity compensates for high-temperature male sterility in Arabidopsis

Type: | Publisher: Wiley | 2018

By Mohamad Abbas, Jorge Hernández-García, Noel Blanco-Tourin, Norma Aliaga, Eugenio G. Minguet, David Alabadí and Miguel A. Blázquez

Smartphone application for the general public (mobile app review).

Type: | 2018

By Clare Killingback, E. Dore-Smith, N. Wakeman, L. Searles and Osman Ahmed

Model refinements and experimental testing of highly flexible piezoelectric energy harvesters

Type: | Publisher: Elsevier | 2016

By R. Patel, Y. Tanaka, Stewart McWilliam, H. Mutsuda and Atanas A. Popov

Editorial: Metastable Dynamics of Neural Ensembles

Type: | 2018

By Emili Balaguer-Ballester, R. Moreno-Bote, G. Deco and D. Durstewitz

The fragility of professional competence : a preliminary account of child protection practice with Romani and Traveller children in England

Type: | Publisher: European Roma Rights Centre | 2018

By D Allen, R Riding and European Roma Rights Centre

Effects of mindfulness-based stress reduction on employees' mental health : a systematic review

Type: | Publisher: Public Library of Science | 2018

By Math Janssen, Yvonne Heerkens, Wietske Kuijer, Beatrice Van Der Heijden and Josephine Engels

Adaptive stabilization of uncontrolled rectifier based AC-DC power systems feeding constant power loads

Type: | Publisher: IEEE | 2017

By Kongpan Areerak, T. Sopapirm, Serhiy Bozhko, Chris Hill, A. Suyapan and Kongpol Areerak

Baudrillard Goes to Kyiv: Institutional Simulacra in Transition.

Type: | 2015

By Christopher Andrew Hartwell

Human properdin opsonizes nanoparticles and triggers a potent pro-inflammatory response by macrophages without involving complement activation

Type: | Publisher: Frontiers Media | 2018

By Lubna Kouser, Basudev Paudyal, Anuvinder Kaur, Lucy A. Jones, Suhair M. Abozaid, Cordula Stover, Emmanuel Flauhaut, Robert B. Sim and Uday Kishore

A fully automatic nerve segmentation and morphometric parameter quantification system for early diagnosis of diabetic neuropathy in corneal images

Type: | Publisher: Elsevier | 2016

By Shumoos Al-Fahdawi, Rami Qahwaji, Alaa S. Al-Waisy, Stanley Ipson, Rayaz A. Malik, Arun Brahma and Xin Chen

Reduction of IAA methyltransferase activity compensates for high-temperature male sterility in arabidopsis

Type: | 2017

By Mohamad Abbas, Jorge Hernández-García, Noel Blanco-Touriñán, Norma Aliaga, Eugenio G. Minguet, David Alabadí and Miguel A. Blázquez

Understanding academic attitudes towards the ethical challenges posed by social media research

Type: | Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) | 2016

By Christopher J. Carter, Ansgar Koene, Elvira Perez, Ramona Statache, Svenja Adolphs, Claire O'Malley, Tom Rodden and Derek McAuley

Ethics of personalized information filtering

Type: | Publisher: Springer Verlag | 2015

By Ansgar Koene, Elvira Perez, Christopher J. Carter, Ramona Statache, Svenja Adolphs, Claire O’Malley, Tom Rodden and Derek McAuley

AVEC 2016 – Depression, mood, and emotion recognition\ud workshop and challenge

Type: | 2016

By Michel F. Valstar, Jonathan Gratch, Björn Schuller, Fabien Ringeval, Denis Lalanne, Mercedes Torres Torres, Stefan Scherer, Giota Stratou, Roddy Cowie and Maja Pantic

Ligeti the maverick? An examination of Ligeti's ambivalent role in contemporary music.

Type: | Publisher: Society for Musicology in Ireland | 2018

By Michael Searby

Juries: acting out digital dilemmas to promote digital reflections

Type: | Publisher: Association for Computing Machinery (ACM) | 2015

By Elvira Perez Vallejos, Kruakae Pothong, Stephen Coleman, Ansgar Koene, Chris James Carter, Ramona Statache, Tom Rodden, Derek McAuley, Monica Cano, Svenja Adolphs and Claire O'Malley

Novel insights into the aetiology of granulomatosis with polyangiitis—a case–control study using the Clinical Practice Research Datalink

Type: | Publisher: Oxford University Press | 2018

By Fiona A. Pearce, Peter C. Lanyon, Richard A. Watts, Matthew J. Grainge, Abhishek Abhishek and Richard B. Hubbard

Policy determinants of physical activity across the life course: a ‘DEDIPAC’ umbrella systematic literature review

Type: | 2018

By A. Puggina, K. Aleksovska, C. Buck, C. Burns, G. Cardon, A. Carlin, S. Chantal, D. Ciarapica, G. Condello, T. Coppinger, C. Cortis, S. D'Haese, M. De Craemer, A. Di Blasio, S. Hansen, L. Iacoviello, J. Issartel, P. Izzicupo, L. Jaeschke, M. Kanning, A. Kennedy, Fiona C.M. Ling, A. Luzak, G. Napolitano, J-A. Nazare, C. Perchoux, T. Pischon, A. Polito, A. Sannella, H. Schulz, R. Sohun, A. Steinbrecher, W. Schlicht, W. Ricciardi, C. MacDonncha, L. Capranica and S. Boccia

A novel event-based incipient slip detection using Dynamic \ud Active-Pixel Vision Sensor (DAVIS)

Type: | Publisher: MDPI | 2018

By Amin Rigi, Fariborz Baghaei Naeini, Dimitrios Makris and Yahya Zweiri

Fatty acid based microemulsions to combat ophthalmia neonatorum caused by 'Neisseria gonorrhoeae' and 'Staphylococcus aureus'

Type: | Publisher: MDPI | 2018

By Ummara Butt, Amr ElShaer, Lori A. S. Snyder, Ali A. Al-Kinani, Adam Le Gresley and Raid G. Alany

Protocol investigating the clinical utility of an objective measure of attention, impulsivity and activity (QbTest) for optimising medication management in children and young people with ADHD ‘QbTest Utility for Optimising Treatment in ADHD’ (QUOTA): a feasibility randomised controlled trial

Type: | Publisher: BMJ Publishing Group Ltd | 2018

By Charlotte L. Hall, Marilyn James, Sue Brown, Jennifer L. Martin, Nikki Brown, Kim Selby, Julie Clarke, Hena Vijayan, Boliang Guo, Kapil Sayal, Chris Hollis and Madeleine J. Groom

International Edition of the Psychological Literacy Compendium

Type: | Publisher: The authors | 2018

By Jacqui Taylor and J. Hulme

Cross sectoral FDI spillovers and their impact on manufacturing productivity

Type: | 2016

By Edvard Orlic, I. Hashi and M. Hisarciklilar

ChaLearn Looking at People and Faces of the World: Face AnalysisWorkshop and Challenge 2016

Type: | 2016

By Sergio Escalera, Mercedes Torres Torres, Brais Martinez, Xavier Baro, Hugo Jair Escalante, Isabelle Guyon, Georgios Tzimiropoulos, Ciprian Corneanu, Marc Oliu, Mohammad Ali Bagheri and Michel Valstar

Synthesis and properties of open fullerenes encapsulating\ud ammonia and methane

Type: | Publisher: Wiley | 2018

By Sally Bloodworth, John Gräsvik, Shamim Alom, Karel Kouril, Stuart J. Elliott, Neil J. Wells, Anthony J. Horsewill, Salvatore Mamone, Monica Jimenez-Ruiz, Stéphane Rols, Urmas Nagel, Toomas Room, Malcolm H. Levitt and Richard J. Whitby

Investigation of EEG activity compared with mean arterial blood pressure in extremely preterm infants

Type: | Publisher: Frontiers Media | 2018

By Sujith Pereira, Stephen T. Kempley, David F. Wertheim, Ajay K. Sinha, Joan K. Morris and Divyen K. Shah

Species distribution modelling: contrasting presence-only models with plot abundance data

Type: | Publisher: Nature Publishing Group | 2018

By Vitor H.F. Gomes, Stéphanie D. IJff, Niels Raes, Iêda Leão Amaral, Rafael P. Salomão, Luiz de Souza Coelho, Francisca Dionízia de Almeida Matos, Carolina V. Castilho, Diogenes de Andrade Lima Filho, Dairon Cárdenas López, Juan Ernesto Guevara, William E. Magnusson, Oliver L. Phillips, Florian Wittmann, Marcelo de Jesus Veiga Carim, Maria Pires Martins, Mariana Victória Irume, Daniel Sabatier, Jean-François Molino, Olaf S. Bánki, José Renan da Silva Guimarães, Nigel C.A. Pitman, Maria Teresa Fernandez Piedade, Abel Monteagudo Mendoza, Bruno Garcia Luize, Eduardo Martins Venticinque, Evlyn Márcia Moraes de Leão Novo, Percy Núñez Vargas, Thiago Sanna Freire Silva, Angelo Gilberto Manzatto, John Terborgh, Neidiane Farias Costa Reis, Juan Carlos Montero, Katia Regina Casula, Beatriz S. Marimon, Ben-Hur Marimon, Euridice N. Honorio Coronado, Ted R. Feldpausch, Alvaro Duque, Charles Eugene Zartman, Nicolás Castaño Arboleda, Timothy J. Killeen, Bonifacio Mostacedo, Rodolfo Vasquez, Jochen Schöngart, Rafael L. Assis, Marcelo Brilhante Medeiros, Marcelo Fragomeni Simon, Ana Andrade, William F. Laurance, José Luís Camargo, Layon O. Demarchi, Susan G.W. Laurance, Emanuelle de Sousa Farias, Henrique Eduardo Mendonça Nascimento, Juan David Cardenas Revilla, Adriano Quaresma, Flávia R.C. Costa, Ima Célia Guimarães Vieira, Bruno Barçante Ladvocat Cintra, Hernán Castellanos, Roel Brienen, Pablo R. Stevenson, Yuri Feitosa, Joost F. Duivenvoorden, Gerardo A. Aymard C., Hugo F. Mogollón, Natalia Targhetta, James A. Comiskey, Alberto Vicentini, Aline Lopes, Gabriel Damasco, Nállarett Dávila, Roosevelt García-Villacorta, Carolina Levis, Juliana Schietti, Priscila Souza, Thaise Emilio, Alfonso Alonso, David Neill, Francisco Dallmeier, Leandro Valle Ferreira, Alejandro Araujo-Murakami, Daniel Praia, Dário Dantas do Amaral, Fernanda Antunes Carvalho, Fernanda Coelho de Souza, Kenneth Feeley, Luzmila Arroyo, Marcelo Petratti Pansonato, Rogerio Gribel, Boris Villa, Juan Carlos Licona, Paul V.A. Fine, Carlos Cerón, Chris Baraloto, Eliana M. Jimenez, Juliana Stropp, Julien Engel, Marcos Silveira, Maria Cristina Peñuela Mora, Pascal Petronelli, Paul Maas, Raquel Thomas-Caesar, Terry W. Henkel, Doug Daly, Marcos Ríos Paredes, Tim R. Baker, Alfredo Fuentes, Carlos A. Peres, Jerome Chave, Jose Luis Marcelo Pena, Kyle G. Dexter, Miles R. Silman, Peter Møller Jørgensen, Toby Pennington, Anthony Di Fiore, Fernando Cornejo Valverde, Juan Fernando Phillips, Gonzalo Rivas-Torres, Patricio von Hildebrand, Tinde R. van Andel, Ademir R. Ruschel, Adriana Prieto, Agustín Rudas, Bruce Hoffman, César I. A. Vela, Edelcilio Marques Barbosa, Egleé L. Zent, George Pepe Gallardo Gonzales, Hilda Paulette Dávila Doza, Ires Paula de Andrade Miranda, Jean-Louis Guillaumet, Linder Felipe Mozombite Pinto, Luiz Carlos de Matos Bonates, Natalino Silva, Ricardo Zárate Gómez, Stanford Zent, Therany Gonzales, Vincent A. Vos, Yadvinder Malhi, Alexandre A. Oliveira, Angela Cano, Bianca Weiss Albuquerque, Corine Vriesendorp, Diego Felipe Correa, Emilio Vilanova Torre, Geertje van der Heijden, Hirma Ramirez-Angulo, José Ferreira Ramos, Kenneth R. Young, Maira Rocha, Marcelo Trindade Nascimento, Maria Natalia Umaña Medina, Milton Tirado, Ophelia Wang, Rodrigo Sierra, Armando Torres-Lezama, Casimiro Mendoza, Cid Ferreira, Cláudia Baider, Daniel Villarroel, Henrik Balslev, Italo Mesones, Ligia Estela Urrego Giraldo, Luisa Fernanda Casas, Manuel Augusto Ahuite Reategui, Reynaldo Linares-Palomino, Roderick Zagt, Sasha Cárdenas, William Farfan-Rios, Adeilza Felipe Sampaio, Daniela Pauletto, Elvis H. Valderrama Sandoval, Freddy Ramirez Arevalo, Isau Huamantupa-Chuquimaco, Karina Garcia-Cabrera, Lionel Hernandez, Luis Valenzuela Gamarra, Miguel N. Alexiades, Susamar Pansini, Walter Palacios Cuenca, William Milliken, Joana Ricardo, Gabriela Lopez-Gonzalez, Edwin Pos and Hans ter Steege

Stability assessment of high-bandwidth DC voltage controllers in single-phase active-front-ends: LTI vs LTP models

Type: | Publisher: IEEE | 2018

By Valerio Salis, Alessando Costabeber, Stephen M. Cox, Andrea Formentini and Pericle Zanchetta

To Be Bailed Out or To Be Left to Fail? A Dynamic Competing Risks Hazard Analysis

Type: | Publisher: Bournemouth University | 2017

By N.I. Papanikolaou

Why it takes an 'ontological shock' to prompt increases in small firm resilience : sensemaking, emotions and flood risk

Type: | Publisher: SAGE Publications

By Tim Harries, Lindsey McEwen and Amanda Wragg

A dual early warning model of bank distress

Type: | Publisher: Bournemouth University | 2017

By N.I. Papanikolaou

Exploring the origins of EEG motion artefacts during simultaneous fMRI acquisition: implications for motion artefact correction

Type: | Publisher: Elsevier | 2018

By Glyn S. Spencer, J.A. Smith, Muhammad E.H. Chowdhury, Richard W. Bowtell and Karen J. Mullinger

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