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Developing a Writer's Toolkit for Interactive Locative Storytelling

Type: | 2017

By H. Packer, Charlie Hargood, Y. Howard, P. Papadopoulos and D. Millard

A connectionist account of interference effects in early infant memory and categorization

Type: | Publisher: Psychology Press, Routledge | 1997

By Denis Mareschal and R.M. French

Preferences for menu labelling formats of young adults in Brazil and in the United Kingdom

Type: | 2017

By R.C. de Oliveira, A.C. Fernandes, R.P.D.C. Proença, Heather Hartwell, V.M. Rodrigues and G.M.R. Fiates

AnimDiff: Comparing 3D Animations for Revision Control

Type: | 2017

By G. Madges, I. Miles and Eike F. Anderson

Correlates of children's independent outdoor play: Cross-sectional analyses from the Millennium Cohort Study

Type: | Publisher: Elsevier | 2017

By Daniel Aggio, Benjamin Gardner, Justin D. Roberts, James Johnstone, Brendon Stubbs, Genevieve Williams, Guillermo Felipe López Sánchez and Lee Smith

MotivATE: A Pretreatment Web-Based Program to Improve Attendance at UK Outpatient Services Among Adults With Eating Disorders.

Type: | 2017

By Sarah Muir, C. Newell, J. Griffiths, K. Walker, H. Hooper, Sarah Thomas, Peter Thomas, J. Arcelus, J. Day and Katherine Appleton

Intrauterine devices and risk of uterine perforation: current perspectives

Type: | 2016

By Sam Rowlands, E. Oloto and D.H. Horwell

The Effects of Attentional Engagement on Route Learning Performance in a Virtual Environment: An Aging Study

Type: | 2017

By S. Hartmeyer, Ramona Grzeschik, T. Wolbers and J.M. Wiener

What you know makes a difference: Physical\ud activity maintenance and adherence of collegiate\ud students

Type: | 2017

By Vista Beasley, Brooke Thompson, Patrick Young and Itay Basevitch

The New CGEMS - Preparing the Computer Graphics Educational Materials Source to Meet the Needs of Educators

Type: | Publisher: The Eurographics Association | 2017

By Eike F. Anderson, A. Duchowski, F. Liarokapis and A. Redford

“What matters to someone who matters to me”: using media campaigns with young people to prevent interpersonal violence and abuse

Type: | 2016

By Nicky Stanley, Jane Ellis, Nicola Farrelly, Sandra Hollinghurst, Sue Bailey and Soo Downe

Rhythmic rhymes for boosting phonological awareness in socially disadvantaged children

Type: | Publisher: Wiley | 2017

By Sarah E. A. Kuppen and Emilie Bourke

An Investigation into Usability and First Time User Experiences within Mobile Games

Type: | 2017

By L. Barnett, Christos Gatzidis and Carlo Harvey

The relative age effect reversal among the National Hockey League elite

Type: | Publisher: Public Library of Science | 2017

By Giambattista Rossi

Intraocular lenses in age-related macular degeneration

Type: | 2017

By Andrzej Grzybowski, Weronika Wasinska-Borowiec, Jorge L. Alio, Pedro Amat-Peral and Juan Tabernero

Selective BRDFs for High Fidelity Rendering

Type: | 2016

By T. Bradley, K. Debattista, T. Bashford-Rogers, Carlo Harvey, E. Doukakis and A. Chalmers

A Calibrated Olfactory Display for High Fidelity Virtual Environments

Type: | 2016

By A. Dhokia, E. Doukakis, A. Asadipour, Carlo Harvey, T. Bashford-Rogers, K. Debattista, B. Waterfield and A. Chalmers

Cancer and heart attack survivors’ expectations of employment status: results from the English Longitudinal Study of Ageing

Type: | 2017

By Saskia Duijts, Allard Van Der Beek, Eveline Beliker, Lee Smith and Jane Wardle

Timing practices and material markers in coordinating collective market patterns

Type: | Publisher: Academy of Management | 2017

By Rebecca Bednarek and L. Cabantous

Here’s how the ransomware attack was stopped – and why it could soon start again

Type: | Publisher: The Conversation UK | 2017

By Adrian Winckles

Just another face in the crowd – what makes spotting unfamiliar faces difficult?

Type: | Publisher: Centre for Research and Evidence on Security Threats | 2017

By N. Donnelly, A. Hillstrom and Natalie Mestry

Successful non-native speech perception is linked to frequency following response phase consistency

Type: | Publisher: Elsevier | 2017

By Akihiro Omote, Kyle Jasmin and Adam Tierney

Could category-specific semantic deficits reflect differences in the distribution of features within a unified semantic memory?

Type: | Publisher: Psychology Press, Routledge | 1998

By R.M. French and Denis Mareschal

BBC2 and world cinema

Type: | 2017

By Ieuan Franklin

Sampling: a thorny issue in social sciences

Type: | Publisher: British Association for Applied Linguistics | 2017

By Jean-Marc Dewaele

Lifetime self-reported arthritis is associated with elevated levels of mental health burden: A multi-national cross sectional study across 46 low- and middle-income countries

Type: | Publisher: Nature Publishing Group | 2017

By Brendon Stubbs, Nicola Veronese, Davy Vancampfort, Trevor Thompson, Cristiano Kohler, Patricia Schofield, Marco Solmi, James Mugisha, Kai G. Kahl, Toby Pillinger, Andre F. Carvalho and Ai Koyanagi

The PanCam instrument for the ExoMars Rover

Type: | Publisher: Mary Ann Liebert, Inc. | 2017

By A.J. Coates, R. Jaumann, A.D. Griffiths, C.E. Leff, N. Schmitz, J.-L. Josset, G. Paar, M. Gunn, E. Hauber, C.R. Cousins, R.E. Cross, Peter Grindrod, J.C. Bridges, M. Balme, S. Gupta, Ian Crawford, P. Irwin, R. Stabbins, D. Tirsch, J.L. Vago, T. Theodorou, M. Caballo-Perucha and G.R. Osinski

Magnitude, temporal trends, and projections of the global prevalence of blindness and distance and near vision impairment: a systematic review and meta-analysis

Type: | Publisher: Elsevier | 2017

By Rupert R. A. Bourne, Seth R. Flaxman, Tasanee Braithwaite, Maria V. Cicinelli, Aditi Das, Jost B. Jonas, Jill Keeffe, John H. Kempen, Janet Leasher, Hans Limburg, Kovin Naidoo, Konrad Pesudovs, Serge Resnikoff, Alex Silvester, Gretchen A. Stevens, Nina Tahhan, Tien Y. Wong, Hugh R. Taylor, Peter Ackland, Aries Arditi, Yaniv Barkana, Banu Bozkurt, Alain Bron, Donald Budenz, Feng Cai, Robert Casson, Usha Chakravarthy, Jaewan Choi, Nathan Congdon, Reza Dana, Rakhi Dandona, Lalit Dandona, Iva Dekaris, Monte Del Monte, Jenny Deva, Laura Dreer, Leon Ellwein, Marcela Frazier, Kevin Frick, David Friedman, Joao Furtado, Hua Gao, Gus Gazzard, Ronnie George, Stephen Gichuhi, Victor Gonzalez, Billy Hammond, Mary E. Hartnett, Minguang He, James Hejtmancik, Flavio Hirai, John Huang, April Ingram, Jonathan Javitt, Charlotte Joslin, Moncef Khairallah, Rohit Khanna, Judy Kim, George Lambrou, Van Charles Lansingh, Paolo Lanzetta, Jennifer Lim, Kaweh Mansouri, Anu Mathew, Alan Morse, Beatriz Munoz, David Musch, Vinay Nangia, Maria Palaiou, Maurizio B. Parodi, Fernando Y. Pena, Tunde Peto, Harry Quigley, Murugesan Raju, Pradeep Ramulu, Alan Robin, Luca Rossetti, Jinan Saaddine, Mya Sandar, Janet Serle, Tueng Shen, Rajesh Shetty, Pamela Sieving, Juan C. Silva, Rita S. Sitorus, Dwight Stambolian, Jaime Tejedor, James Tielsch, Miltiadis Tsilimbaris, Jan van Meurs, Rohit Varma, Gianni Virgili, Jimmy Volmink, Ya Xing Wang, Ning-Li Wang, Sheila West, Peter Wiedemann, Richard Wormald and Yingfeng Zheng

Medium-run Implications of changing demographic structures for the macro-economy

Type: | Publisher: Sage Publishing | 2017

By Yunus Aksoy, H. Basso and Ron P. Smith

An interacting systems model of infant habituation

Type: | Publisher: MIT Press | 2004

By S. Sirois and Denis Mareschal

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