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Efficacy of losartan as add-on therapy to prevent aortic growth and ventricular dysfunction in patients with Marfan syndrome : a randomized, double-blind clinical trial

Type: | 2017

By Laura Muiño Mosquera, Sylvia De Nobele, Daniel Devos, Laurence Campens, Anne De Paepe and Julie De Backer

Evaluation of resource efficiency in research and innovation projects : challenges and recommendations of the MEASURE project for industry

Type: | 2016

By Sophie Sfez, Jo Dewulf, Wouter De Soete, Thomas Schaubroeck, Fabrice Mathieux, Dana Kralisch and Steven De Meester

Mystery shopping in het financieel recht

Type: | Publisher: Intersentia | 2017

By Reinhard Steennot

Novel insights in the adaptation of avian H9N2 influenza viruses to swine

Type: | Publisher: Ghent University. Faculty of Veterinary Medicine | 2017

By José Carlos Mancera Gracia

Dynamic CT reconstruction using piecewise linear fitting

Type: | 2017

By Marjolein Heyndrickx, Matthieu Boone, Tom Bultreys and Luc Van Hoorebeke

Interaction of composites with various types of embedded sensors and their use for cure and fatigue life monitoring

Type: | Publisher: Ghent University. Faculty of Engineering and Architecture | 2017

By Gabriele Chiesura

Effect of genomic distance on coexpression of coregulated genes in E. coli

Type: | 2017

By Lucia Pannier, Enrique Merino, Kathleen Marchal and Julio Collado-Vides

Studying the effect of the flame passage on the convective heat transfer in a S.I. engine

Type: | Publisher: SAE International | 2017

By Thomas De Cuyper, Stijn Broekaert, Duc-Khanh Nguyen, Kam Chana, Michel De Paepe and Sebastian Verhelst

Governance of security in mass events

Type: | 2017

By Evelien De Pauw

Driving forces behind arithmetic : the evolution from kindergarten to grade 2

Type: | Publisher: Ghent University. Faculty of Medicine and Health Sciences | 2014

By Magda Praet

Introduction of HPV vaccination in Kenya

Type: | 2016

By Heleen Vermandere

Food regulation and criminal justice

Type: | Publisher: Maklu | 2016

By Adan Nieto Martin, Ligeia Quackelbeen, Michele Simonata and Gert Vermeulen

Conversation to conservation for the European eel (Anguilla anguilla L.) management

Type: | 2016

By Pieterjan Verhelst, Steve Bridger, Karen Rappé, Jan Reubens, Peter Goethals, Ans Mouton and Tom Moens

Polyimide-ald-polyimide layers as hermetic encapsulant for implants

Type: | 2017

By David Schaubroeck, Rik Verplancke, Maarten Cauwe, Dieter Cuypers, Kim Baumans and Maaike Op de Beeck

Measuring sustainable production and use of renewables-based products

Type: | 2016

By Jo Dewulf, Lieselot Boone, Sophie Huysveld and Sue Ellen Taelman

Ravana empereur universel? Point de vue sémantique et problèmes de référence chez le jaïn Prabhacandra

Type: | Publisher: Royal Belgian Society of Oriental studies | 2017

By Marie-Hélène Gorisse

40 jaar Plaizier in 10 episoden

Type: | Publisher: BOZAR & Plaizier | 2017

By Emiel De Kooning

Absent anterior cruciate ligament

Type: | 2015

By S Vanden Bossche, B Vanzieleghem, H Declercq and Koenraad Verstraete

Modeling and characterization of the uplink and downlink exposure in wireless networks

Type: | Publisher: Hindawi Ltd | 2017

By Anis Krayni, Abdelhamid Hadjem, Günter Vermeeren, Alain Sibille, Christophe Roblin, Wout Joseph, Luc Martens and Joe Wiart

Disruption of a horizontally transferred phytoene desaturase abolishes carotenoid accumulation and diapause in Tetranychus urticae

Type: | 2017

By Astrid Bryon, Andre H Kurlovs, Wannes Dermauw, Robert Greenhalgh, Maria Riga, Miodrag Grbić, Luc Tirry, Masahiro Osakabe, John Vontas, Richard M Clark and Thomas Van Leeuwen

ConTra v3 : a tool to identify transcription factor binding sites across species, update 2017

Type: | 2017

By Lukasz Kreft, Arne Soete, Paco Hulpiau, Alexander Botzki, Yvan Saeys and Pieter De Bleser

Creating spatial synergies around food in cities

Type: | 2017

By Marlinde Koopmans, Evy Mettepenningen, Ilona Kunda, Daniel Keech and Talis Tisenkopf

Fast switching cholesteric liquid crystal optical beam deflector with polarization independence

Type: | Publisher: Nature publishing | 2017

By Xiaobing Shang, Laurens Meeus, Dieter Cuypers and Herbert De Smet

A qualitative interpretation of challenges associated with helping patients with multiple chronic diseases identify their goals

Type: | 2016

By Pauline Boeckxstaens, Sara Willems, Mieke Lanssens, Charlotte Decuypere, Guy Brusselle, Thomas Kühlein, Jan De Maeseneer and An De Sutter

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