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Realism or non-realism: Design of learning spaces in Second Life

Type: | 2009

By Shailey Minocha and Ahmad Reeves

Assessing the value dimensions of outsourced maintenance services

Type: | 2013

By Amir Toossi, Helen Louise Lockett, Jawwad Z Raja and Veronica Martinez

Opportunistic secure transmission for wireless relay networks with modify-and-forward protocol

Type: | Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers (IEEE) | 2017

By Quoc-Tuan Vien, Tuan Anh Le and Trung Q. Duong

Microstructural abnormalities in white and gray matter in obese adolescents with and without type 2 diabetes

Type: | 2017

By Arie Nouwen, Alison Chambers, Magdalena Chechlacz, Suzanne Higgs, Jackie Blissett, Timothy G. Barrett and Harriet A. Allen

Catch 22? Disclosing assisted conception treatment at work

Type: | Publisher: Emerald | 2017

By Olga van den Akker, Nicola Payne and Suzan Lewis

Developing inclusive care home environments for older LGBT people: a pilot scheme in England

Type: | Publisher: Oxford University Press on behalf of The Gerontological Society of America | 2017

By Paul Willis, Trish Hafford-Letchfield, Katharine Almack and Paul Simpson

Proposed research study into the age at death and cause of death in Gypsies & Travellers

Type: | 2012

By Gemma Sinead Ryan, Gail Melvin and Lynne Hartwell

LSQ14efd: observations of the cooling of a shock break-out event in a type Ic Supernova

Type: | Publisher: Oxford University Press

By C Barbarino, MT Botticella, M Dall'Ora, MD Valle, S Benetti, JD Lyman, SJ Smartt, I Arcavi, C Baltay, D Bersier, M Dennefeld, N Ellman, M Fraser, A Gal-Yam, G Hosseinzadeh, DA Howell, C Inserra, E Kankare, G Leloudas, K Maguire, C McCully, A Mitra, R McKinnon, FO E, G Pignata, D Rabinowitz, S Rostami, KW Smith, M Sullivan, S Valenti, O Yaron and D Young

Identifying Conflicting Requirements in Systems of Systems

Type: | 2017

By Thiago Viana, Andrea Zisman and Arosha K. Bandara

Achieving ‘Time and Target’: Lessons Learnt from a community based, observational multi-site NIHR portfolio research study

Type: | 2014

By Gemma Sinead Ryan, Gail Melvin, Lynne Hartwell, Thomas Pringle and Munib Haroon

The influence of internal corporate governance mechanisms on capital structure decisions of Chinese listed firms

Type: | Publisher: Emerald | 2017

By Agyenim Boateng, Huifen (Helen) Cai, Daniel Borgia, Franklin Ngwu and Xiaogang Bi

On the galaxy-halo connection in the EAGLE simulation

Type: | Publisher: Oxford University Press (OUP)

By H Desmond, Y-Y Mao, R Wechsler, RA Crain and J Schaye

Magpie: supporting browsing and navigating on the semantic web

Type: | 2004

By John Domingue, Martin Dzbor and Enrico Motta

Exploring the Whole Life Carbon Benefits of Insulation Materials in Housing Refurbishment

Type: | Publisher: Coventry University

By SS Tucker and B Spittle

Midwinter suppression of baroclinic storm activity on Mars: observations and models

Type: | 2011

By P. L. Read, L. Montabone, D. P. Mulholland, S. R. Lewis, B. Cantor and R. J. Wilson

Dust-related interannual and intraseasonal variability of Martian climate using data assimilation

Type: | 2011

By T. Ruan, L. Montabone, D. P. Mulholland, P. L. Read and S. R. Lewis

Leaf epidermal structure in the dwarf succulent genus Conophytum N.E. Br. (Aizoaceae)

Type: | Publisher: British Cactus and Succulent Society

By AJ Young, L Pulido Suarez, M Kapralov and MR Opel

Scientists and software engineers: A tale of two cultures

Type: | Publisher: Lancaster University | 2008

By Judith Segal

Smart labs and social practice: social tools for pervasive laboratory workspaces: a position paper

Type: | 2006

By Josie Taylor, Shailey Minocha, Patrick McAndrew, Andrew Brasher and Adam Joinson

Software Architecture Risk Containers

Type: | 2017

By Andrew Philip Leigh, Michel Wermelinger and Andrea Zisman

Detection and quantitation of copy number variation in the voltage-gated sodium channel gene of the mosquito Culex quinquefasciatus

Type: | Publisher: Nature Publishing Group

By WFS Martins, K Subramaniam, K Steen, H Mawejje, T Liloglou, MJ Donnelly and CS Wilding

The gig economy and the future of work

Type: | Publisher: ADAPT | 2017

By Malcolm Sargeant

The impact of exercise-induced core body temperature elevations on coagulation responses.

Type: | Publisher: Elsevier

By MT Veltmeijer, TM Eijsvogels, W Barteling, K Verbeek-Knobbe, WL van Heerde and MT Hopman

Research ethics in an unethical world: the politics and morality of engaged research

Type: | Publisher: SAGE Publications | 2017

By Claudio Morrison and Devi Sacchetto

Constraining gamma-ray burst emission physics with extensive early-time, multiband follow-up

Type: | Publisher: American Astronomical Society

By A Cucchiara, SB Cenko, JS Bloom, A Melandri, A Morgan, S Kobayashi, RJ Smith, DA Perley, W Li, JL Hora, RL Da Silva, JX Prochaska, PA Milne, NR Butler, B Cobb, G Worseck, CG Mundell, IA Steele, AV Filippenko, M Fumagalli, CR Klein, A Stephens, A Bluck and R Mason

Stock returns and leverage: analysis of the Dow Jones Industrial Average, 2000-2015

Type: | Publisher: International Institute of Social and Economic Sciences | 2016

By Edward Bace

The Relationship Between Lifelong Exercise Volume and Coronary Atherosclerosis in Athletes.

Type: | Publisher: American Heart Association

By VL Aengevaeren, A Mosterd, TL Braber, NHJ Prakken, PA Doevendans, DE Grobbee, PD Thompson, TMH Eijsvogels and BK Velthuis

Bank profitability: liquidity, capital and asset quality

Type: | Publisher: Henry Stewart Publications | 2016

By Edward Bace

Introduction to <i>Beyond the language classroom: researching MOOCs and other innovations</i>

Type: | Publisher: Research-publishing.net | 2017

By Qian Kan and Stephen Bax

Indonesian Teachers’ Epistemological Beliefs and Inclusive Education

Type: | 2017

By Kieron Sheehy, Budiyanto, Helen Kaye and Rofiah Khofidotur

Optical colours and spectral indices of z = 0.1 eagle galaxies with the 3D dust radiative transfer code skirt


By JW Trayford, P Camps, T Theuns, M Baes, RG Bower, RA Crain, MLP Gunawardhana, M Schaller, J Schaye and CS Frenk

Intelligence Unleashed: An argument for AI in Education

Type: | Publisher: Pearson Education | 2016

By Rose Luckin, Wayne Holmes, Mark Griffiths and Laurie B. Forcier

Multi-wavelength Observations of the 2015 Nova in the Local Group Irregular Dwarf Galaxy IC 1613

Type: | Publisher: Oxford University Press

By SC Williams, MJ Darnley and M Henze

Islamic headscarves and the CJEU: Achbita and Bougnaoui

Type: | Publisher: SAGE | 2017

By Erica Howard

Effect of acute physiological free fatty acid elevation in the context of hyperinsulinemia on fiber type-specific IMCL accumulation.

Type: | Publisher: Amercian Physiological Society

By LS Chow, DG Mashek, Q Wang, SO Shepherd, BH Goodpaster and JJ Dubé

Reliable time exponents for long term prediction of negative bias temperature instability by extrapolation

Type: | Publisher: Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers

By R Gao, AB Manut, Z Ji, J Ma, M Duan, JF Zhang, J Franco, SFWM Hatta, WD Zhang, B Kaczer, D Vigar, D Linten and G Groeseneken

Modelling Radiatively Active Water Ice Clouds in the Martian Water Cycle

Type: | 2011

By Liam Steele, Stephen Lewis, Manish Patel and R. J. Wilson

Avoidance of the real and anxiety about the unreal: attachment style and video-gaming

Type: | Publisher: SAGE | 2017

By Mark Coulson, Andrea Oskis and Rebecca L. Gould

The Settlement of Decolonization and Post-Colonial Economic Development

Type: | Publisher: Brill Academic Publishers

By NJ White

The gastropod shell has been co-opted to kill parasitic nematodes

Type: | Publisher: Nature Publishing Group

By R Rae

782 harvested items
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