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Designing Future Ubiquitous Homes with OUI Interiors: Possibilities and Challenges

Type: | Publisher: Scuola IaD | 2017

By Sara Nabil, David Kirk, Thomas Ploetz and Peter Wright

Exploring Social Integration of Sport Students during the Transition to University

Type: | Publisher: Edinburgh Napier University | 2017

By Linda Allin, Andrew Coyles and Rick Hayman

Magnetic field sensor based on a combination of a microfiber coupler covered with magnetic fluid and a Sagnac loop

Type: | Publisher: Nature Publishing | 2017

By Fangfang Wei, Arun Kumar Mallik, Dejun Liu, Qiang Wu, Gang-Ding Peng, Gerald Farrell and Yuliya Semenova

Reconstrained Design: A Manifesto

Type: | 2017

By Julian Hanna, James Auger and Enrique Encinas

New Value Transactions: Understanding and Designing for Distributed Autonomous Organisations

Type: | 2017

By Bettina Nissen, Kate Symons, Ella Tallyn, Chris Speed, Deborah Maxwell and John Vines

An Augmented Reality Game using Face Recognition Technology

Type: | 2017

By Tom Feltwell, Gavin Wood, Conor Linehan and Shaun Lawson

Unsettling Geographies of Volunteering and Development

Type: | Publisher: Wiley | 2017

By Nina Laurie and Matt Baillie Smith

People, Personal Data and the Built Environment

Type: | 2017

By Holger Schnädelbach, Nils Jäger, Sara Nabil, Nick Dalton, David Kirk and Elizabeth Churchill

Characterisation of Arctic Bacterial Communities in the Air above Svalbard

Type: | Publisher: MDPI | 2017

By Lewis Cuthbertson, Herminia Amores-Arrocha, Lucie Malard, Nora Els, Birgit Sattler and David Pearce

Random sampling for patch-based face recognition

Type: | 2017

By Ismahane Cheheb, Noor Al-Maadeed, Somaya Al-Madeed, Ahmed Bouridane and Richard Jiang

Assessing glacier melt contribution to streamflow at Universidad Glacier, central Andes of Chile

Type: | Publisher: European Geosciences Union | 2017

By Claudio Bravo, Thomas Loriaux, Andrés Rivera and Benjamin Brock

Usability of Corrected Kinect Measurement for Ergonomic Evaluation in Constrained Environment

Type: | Publisher: Inderscience | 2017

By Pierre Plantard, Hubert P. H. Shum and Franck Multon

Culture, Spirituality, Reflexivity, and Funeral Rituals

Type: | Publisher: BACP Publication | 2017

By Valda Swinton

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