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New instrument in measuring alcohol consumption during pregnancy and postpartum

Type: | 2016

By S. Mas Ayu, S. Nurul Ain, S. Ahmad Hatim and A.N. Amer Siddiq

Malaysia My Second Home: Isu Bahasa dalam kalangan peserta Jepun

Type: | Publisher: Universiti Kebangsaan Malaysia Press | 2013

By S.H. Stapa, N. Hieda, N. Amzah and M. Talaibek

Cultural influences on choosing green products: An empirical study in Malaysia

Type: | Publisher: Impact Factor | 2017

By G. Ihwan, A.R. Salwa Hanim, M.D. Siti Zawiah, A. Hideki, T. Alva Edy and S. Novita

The designer in refurbishment projects: implications to the compatibility of design

Type: | Publisher: Emerad | 2013

By A.S. Ali and C.P. Au‐Yong

Penyiapan dan pengembangan kepala sekolah di Indonesia dulu dan sekarang

Type: | Publisher: Pusa Studi Pendidikan dan Kebijakan | 2017

By B. Sumintono

Information Systems Security Practices in Social Software Applications: A Systematic Literature Review

Type: | Publisher: Emerald Publishing | 2016

By A.A. Norman, S.I. Tamrin and S. Hamid

Preventive Maintenance Characteristics towards Optimal Maintenance Performance: A Case Study of Office Buildings

Type: | Publisher: Scientific Research Publishing | 2014

By C.P. Au-Yong, A.S. Ali and F. Ahmad

Potential functional ingredients from Tiger Milk Mushroom

Type: | 2012

By C.S. Tan, S.T. Ng, H.Y. Yeannie Yap, S.S Lee, M.L. Lee and S.Y. Fung

Commercial banks lending and economic growth in Malaysia : an empirical study

Type: | Publisher: Institute For Development Studies Sabah (IDS) | 2000

By T.C. Tang

Politeness of front counter staff of Malaysian private hospitals

Type: | Publisher: UKM Press | 2013

By C.H. Kuang, M.K. David and S.K. Lau

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