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Editorial: studying tree responses to extreme events

Type: | 2017

By Achim Braüning, Andreas Bolte, Cristina Nabais, Sergio Rossi and Ute Sass-Klaassen

The hole saw method for accessing woodpecker nestlings during developmental studies

Type: | 2006

By Jacques Ibarzabal and Junior A. Tremblay

Risk of falling assessment on different types of ground using the instrumented TUG


By Mahmoud Ben Brahem, Cossoun Johannes Ayena, Martin J.-D. Otis and Bob-Antoine-Jerry Ménélas

Safer hybrid workspace using human-robot interaction while sharing production activities


By Ramy Meziane, Ping Li, Martin J.-D. Otis, Hassan Ezzaidi and Philippe Cardou

Extremum seeking tuning for reel tension control in haptic application


By Martin J.-D. Otis, Thien-Ly Nguyen-Dang, Denis Laurendeau and Clément Gosselin

Pattern of xylem phenology in conifers of cold ecosystems at the Northern Hemisphere

Type: | 2016

By Sergio Rossi, Tommaso Anfodillo, Katarina Čufar, Henri E. Cuny, Annie Deslauriers, Patrick Fonti, David Frank, Jožica Gričar, Andreas Gruber, Jian-Guo Huang, Tuula Jyske, Jakub Kašpar, Gregory King, Cornelia Krause, Eryuan Liang, Harri Mäkinen, Hubert Morin, Pekka Nöjd, Walter Oberhuber, Peter Prislan, Cyrille B.K. Rathgeber, Antonio Saracino, Irene Swidrak and Václav Treml

Helical paths, gravitaxis, and separation phenomena for mass-anisotropic self-propelling colloids: experiment versus theory

Type: | Publisher: AIP Publishing | 2017

By A.I. Campbell, R. Wittkowski, B. ten Hagen, H. Löwen and S.J. Ebbens

Prehospital Randomised Assessment of a Mechanical Compression Device in out of Hospital Cardiac Arrest (PARAMEDIC): a pragmatic cluster randomised trial and economic evaluation

Type: | Publisher: National Coordinating Centre for Health Technology Assessment | 2017

By S Gates, R Lall, T Quinn, CD Deakin, MW Cooke, J Horton, SE Lamb, A-M Slowther, M Woollard, A Carson, A Smyth, K Wilson, G Parcell, A Rosser, R Whitfield, A Williams, R Jones, H Pocock, N Brock, JJM Black, J Wright, K Han, G Shaw, L Blair, J Marti, C Hulme, C McCabe, S Nikolova, Z Ferreira and GD Perkins

Role of DNA methylation in expression control of the IKZF3-GSDMA region in human epithelial cells

Type: | 2017

By Sanny Moussette, Abeer Al Al Tuwaijri, Hamid-Reza Kohan-Ghadr, Samar Elzein, Raquel Farias, Julie Bérubé, Bianca Ho, Catherine Laprise, Cynthia G. Goodyer, Simon Rousseau and Anna K. Naumova

Understanding tree growth responses after partial cuttings : a new approach

Type: | 2017

By Miguel Montoro Girona, Sergio Rossi, Jean-Martin Lussier, Denis Walsh and Hubert Morin

Private memoirs: the use of aide memoire diaries in longitudinal research.

Type: | Publisher: RCN Publishing | 2017

By Sara Denham, Ruth Taylor and Tracy Humphrey

Combining omics data to identify genes associated with allergic rhinitis

Type: | 2017

By Andréanne Morin, Michel Laviolette, Tomi Pastinen, Louis-Philippe Boulet and Catherine Laprise

L’École nationale d’apprentissage par la marionnette : un théâtre vivant

Type: | Publisher: GRIR | 2015

By Marcelle Dubé and Ève Lamoureux

Vibration-induced friction control for walkway locomotion interface


By Guillaume Millet, Martin J.-D. Otis and Jeremy R. Cooperstock

Towards a real-time error detection within a smart home by using activity recognition with a shoe-mounted accelerometer

Type: | 2013

By Julien Vandewynckel, Martin J.-D. Otis, Bruno Bouchard, Bob-Antoine-Jerry Ménélas and Abdenour Bouzouane

Immunoseq : the identification of functionally relevant variants through targeted capture and sequencing of active regulatory regions in human immune cells

Type: | 2016

By Andréanne Morin, Tony Kwan, Bing Ge, Louis Letourneau, Maria Ban, Karolina Tandre, Maxime Caron, Johanna K. Sandling, Jonas Carlsson, Guillaume Bourque, Catherine Laprise, Alexandre Montpetit, Ann-Christine Syvanen, Lars Ronnblom, Stephen J. Sawcer, Mark G. Lathrop and Tomi Pastinen

Weather effects on autumn nocturnal migration of passerines on opposite shores of the St. Lawrence estuary

Type: | 2011

By François Gagnon, Jacques Ibarzabal, Jean-Pierre L Savard, Pierre Vaillancourt, Marc Bélisle and Charles M. Francis

Design of a serious game for learning vibrotactile messages


By Bob-Antoine-Jerry Ménélas and Martin J.-D. Otis

Identification of shared risk loci and pathways for bipolar disorder and schizophrenia

Type: | 2017

By Andreas J. Forstner, Julian Hecker, Andrea Hofmann, Anna Maaser, Céline S. Reinbold, Thomas W. Mühleisen, Markus Leber, Jana Strohmaier, Franziska Degenhardt, Jens Treutlein, Manuel Mattheisen, Johannes Schumacher, Fabian Streit, Sandra Meier, Stefan Herms, Per Hoffmann, André Lacour, Stephanie H. Witt, Andreas Reif, Bertram Müller-Myhsok, Susanne Lucae, Wolfgang Maier, Marcus Schwarz, Helmut Vedder, Jutta Kammerer-Ciernioch, Andrea Pfennig, Michael Bauer, Martin Hautzinger, Susanne Moebus, Lorena M. Schenk, Sascha B. Fischer, Sugirthan Sivalingam, Piotr M. Czerski, Joanna Hauser, Jolanta Lissowska, Neonila Szeszenia-Dabrowska, Paul Brennan, James D. McKay, Adam Wright, Philip B. Mitchell, Janice M. Fullerton, Peter R. Schofield, Grant W. Montgomery, Sarah E. Medland, Scott D. Gordon, Nicholas G. Martin, Valery Krasnov, Alexander Chuchalin, Gulja Babadjanova, Galina Pantelejeva, Lilia I. Abramova, Alexander S. Tiganov, Alexey Polonikov, Elza Khusnutdinova, Martin Alda, Cristiana Cruceanu, Guy A. Rouleau, Gustavo Turecki, Catherine Laprise, Fabio Rivas, Fermin Mayoral, Manolis Kogevinas, Maria Grigoroiu-Serbanescu, Tim Becker, Thomas G. Schulze, Marcella Rietschel, Sven Cichon, Heide Fier and Markus M. Nöthen

Spatial-learning and representation in animats

Type: | Publisher: MIT Press | 1994

By T.J. Prescott

These: Wander muss gezeichnet werden.

Type: | 2016

By T. Schneider

A serious game for training balance control over different types of soil


By Bob-Antoine-Jerry Ménélas and Martin J.-D. Otis

Almost a decade of Cognitive Science at Sheffield

Type: | Publisher: AISB | 1999

By T.J. Prescott and K.N. Gurney

Pensionnats autochtones : impact intergénérationnel

Type: | 2016

By Jacinthe Dion, Jennifer Hains, Amélie Ross and Delphine Collin-Vézina

Use of a 3DOF accelerometer for foot tracking and gesture recognition in mobile HCI

Type: | 2013

By Mahmoud Ben Brahem, Bob-Antoine-Jerry Ménélas and Martin J.-D. Otis

Towards an automatic version of the Berg Balance Scale test through a serious game


By Simon Brassard, Martin J.-D. Otis, Alexendre Poirier and Bob-Antoine-Jerry Ménélas

LAr1-ND: Testing Neutrino Anomalies with Multiple LAr TPC Detectors at Fermilab

Type: | 2013

By C. Adams, C. Andreopoulos, J. Asaadi, B. Baller, M. Bishai, L. Camilleri, F. Cavanna, H. Chen, E. Church, D. Cianci, G. Collin, J. Conrad, A. Ereditato, B. Fleming, W.M. Foreman, G. Garvey, R. Guenette, C. Ignarra, B. Jones, G. Karagiorgi, W. Ketchum, I. Kreslo, D. Lissauer, L.D. Louis, K. Mavrokoridis, N. McCauley, G.B. Mills, O. Palamara, Z. Pavlovic, X. Qian, L. Qiuguang, R. Rameika, D.W. Schmitz, M. Shaevitz, M. Soderberg, J. Spitz, A.M. Szelc, C.E. Taylor, K. Terao, M. Thomson, C. Thorn, M. Toups, C. Touramanis, N. Spooner, T. Strauss, R.G. Van De Water, C.R. von Rohr, M. Weber, B. Yu, G. Zeller and J. Zennamo

The mammal and bird bones: a brief revisit

Type: | Publisher: Society for Medieval Archaeology | 2006

By U. Albarella and S. Davis

Towards streaming gesture recognition

Type: | 2016

By Baptiste Lemarcis

Violences sexuelles en milieu universitaire au Québec : rapport de recherche de l’enquête ESSIMU

Type: | 2016

By Manon Bergeron, Martine Hébert, Sandrine Ricci, Marie-France Goyer, Nathalie Duhamel, Lyne Kurtzman, Isabelle Auclair, Laurence Clennet-Sirois, Isabelle Daigneault, Dominique Damant, Stéphanie Demers, Jacinthe Dion, Francine Lavoie, Geneviève Paquette and Sylvie Parent

The Digestive Tract of Cephalopods: Toward Non-invasive In vivo Monitoring of Its Physiology

Type: | Publisher: Frontiers Media | 2017

By Giovanna Ponte, Antonio V. Sykes, Gavan M. Cooke, Eduardo Almansa and Paul L. R. Andrews

Travailleuses et travailleurs étrangers temporaires au Saguenay-Lac-Saint-Jean : besoins, problématiques et structures

Type: | Publisher: Groupe de recherche et d'intervention régionales | 2017

By Jorge Frozzini

A non-destructive technique for the on-line quality\ud control of green and baked anodes

Type: | 2017

By Abderrahmane Benzaoui, Duygu Kocaefe, Dipankar Bhattacharyay and Yasar S. Kocaefe

Inter- and intra-annual patterns of seed rain in the black spruce stands of Quebec, Canada

Type: | 2017

By Sergio Rossi, Hubert Morin, François Gionest and Danielle Laprise

German Pacifism in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries

Type: | Publisher: Peter Lang Academic Publishing Group | 2015

By B. Ziemann

Liver enzymes are not directly involved in atrial fibrillation: a prospective cohort study

Type: | Publisher: Wiley | 2017

By Rudolph Rudolph Schutte, Peter Peter H Whincup, Olia Olia Papacosta, lucy Lucy T Lennon, Peter Peter W Macfarlane and Goya Goya Wannamethee

A serious game for the learning of vibrotactile feedbacks presented under the foot : how many and how fast?


By David Gagnon, Martin J.-D. Otis and Bob-Antoine-Jerry Ménélas

ULTRACAM - an ultra-fast, triple-beam CCD camera

Type: | Publisher: Astronomical Society of the Pacific | 2002

By V. Dhillon, T. Marsh and ULTRACAM Team

Physical Activity Levels in Children with Sensory problems: Cross-sectional Analyses from the Millennium Cohort Study

Type: | 2017

By Genevieve Williams, Daniel Aggio, Brendon Stubbs, Shahina Pardhan, Benjamin Gardner and Lee Smith

Scenarios of groundwater chemical evolution in a region of the Canadian Shield based on multivariate statistical analysis

Type: | 2015

By Ombeline Ghesquière, Julien Walter, Romain Chesnaux and Alain Rouleau

A Smart Safety Helmet using IMU and EEG sensors for analysis of worker’s fatigue


By Ping Li, Ramy Meziane, Martin J.-D. Otis, Hassan Ezzaidi and Philippe Cardou

Conception d'un BioMicroRobot autonome


By Réjean Fontaine, Martin J.-D. Otis, Martin Jarry, Hicham Semmaoui, Marie-Ève Gosselin, Patrice Masson and Hugues Ménard

Du vinyle à YouTube : les habitudes de consommation et de recherche de musique des jeunes adultes québécois

Type: | 2016

By Ariane Legault-Venne, Audrey Laplante, Sébastien Leblanc-Proulx and Dominic Forest

An Efficient Home-Based Risk of Falling Assessment\ud Test Based on Smartphone and Instrumented Insole


By Cossoun Johannes Ayena, Landry D. Chapwouo T., Martin J.-D. Otis and Bob-Antoine-Jerry Ménélas

Development of an Hexapod BioMicroRobot with Nafion-Pt IPMC microlegs


By Martin J.-D. Otis, R. Bernier, Y. Pasco, H. Ménard, Hicham Semmaoui, Martin Jarry and R. Fontaine

Age-dependent response of migrant and resident Aegolius owl species to small rodent population fluctuations in the eastern Canadian boreal forest

Type: | 2007

By Mathieu Côté, Jacques Ibarzabal, Martin-Hugues St-Laurent, Jean Ferron and Réjean Gagnon

Resource Modelling: The Missing Piece of the HTA Jigsaw?

Type: | Publisher: Adis | 2015

By P. Thokala, S. Dixon and B. Jahn

The state of social entrepreneurship in the UK

Type: | Publisher: SEFORÏS | 2014

By A.M. Drencheva and U. Stephan

The Digestive Tract of Cephalopods: a Neglected Topic of Relevance to Animal Welfare in the Laboratory and Aquaculture

Type: | Publisher: Frontiers Media | 2017

By António V. Sykes, Eduardo Almansa, Gavan M. Cooke, Giovanna Ponte and Paul L. R. Andrews

In vivo immune signatures of healthy human pregnancy : inherently inflammatory or anti-inflammatory?

Type: | 2017

By Caroline Graham, Rishma Chooniedass, William P. Stefura, Allan B. Becker, Malcolm R. Sears, Stuart E. Turvey, Piush J. Mandhane, Padmaja Subbarao, Study Investigators CHILD, Catherine Laprise and Kent T. HayGlass

Dialogues in music therapy and music neuroscience: collaborative understanding driving clinical advances

Type: | Publisher: Frontiers Media | 2017

By Julian O'Kelly, Jörg C. Fachner and Mari Tervaniemi

Event-based haptic vibration synthesis using a recursive filter for lower limb prosthetics


By Pascal E. Fortin, Martin J.-D. Otis, Vincent Duchaine and Jeremy R. Cooperstock

A comparison between nocturnal aural counts of passerines and radar reflectivity from a Canadian weather surveillance radar

Type: | 2010

By François Gagnon, Marc Bélisle, Jacques Ibarzabal, Pierre Vaillancourt and Jean-Pierre L Savard

Editorial: Dialogues in Music Therapy and Music Neuroscience: Collaborative Understanding Driving Clinical Advances

Type: | Publisher: Frontiers Media | 2016

By Julian O'Kelly, Jörg C. Fachner and Mari Tervaniemi

Home-based neurologic music therapy for arm hemiparesis following stroke: results from a pilot, feasibility randomized controlled trial

Type: | Publisher: SAGE Publications | 2018

By Alexander J. Street, Wendy L. Magee, Andrew Bateman, Michael Parker, Helen Odell-Miller and Jörg C. Fachner

Stratégies décisionnelles et gestion de projet : les contraintes en droit canadien

Type: | 2016

By Catherine-Ann Blackburn, Marc-André Morency and Jeanne Simard

Increased autophagy-related 5 gene expression is associated with collagen expression in the airways of refractory asthmatics

Type: | 2017

By Audrey H. Poon, David F. Choy, Fazila Chouiali, Rakhee K. Ramakrishnan, Bassam Mahboub, Severine Audusseau, Andrea Mogas, Jeffrey M. Harris, Joseph R. Arron, Catherine Laprise and Qutayba Hamid

Measuring operator’s pain : toward evaluating Musculoskeletal disorder at work


By Eya Barkallah, Martin J.-D. Otis, Suzy Ngomo and Michel Heraud

The animal bones

Type: | Publisher: BAR Publishing | 1998

By U. Albarella

Qualitative risk of falling assessment based on gait abnormalities


By David Gagnon, Bob-Antoine-Jerry Ménélas and Martin J.-D. Otis

Interference estimated time of arrival on a 6-DOF cable-driven haptic foot platform


By Martin J.-D. Otis, Thien-Ly Nguyen-Dang, Denis Laurendeau and Clément Gosselin

Habitat requirements of breeding black-backed woodpeckers (Picoides arcticus) in managed, unburned boreal forest

Type: | 2009

By Junior A. Tremblay, Jacques Ibarzabal, Christian Dussault and Jean-Pierre L Savard

Fine roots and ectomycorrhizal colonization in black spruce subjected to reductions in soil moisture

Type: | 2016

By Sergio Rossi, Éliane Couture, Xavier Plante and Hubert Morin

The Effectiveness of Intrathecal Baclofen in the Management of Patients with Severe Spasticity

Type: | Publisher: Trent Institute for Health Services Research, Universities of Leicester, Nottingham and Sheffield | 2000

By F.C. Sampson, A. Hayward, G. Evans, S. Touch, R. Morton, M. Vloeburghs, D. Playford, B.J. Collett and P. Critchley

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