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Policy-Driven Governance in Cloud Service Ecosystems

Type: | Publisher: Computer Science (Sheffield) | 2016

By Dimitrios Kourtesis

Role of 5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) in Urinary Bladder Signalling and Colon-Bladder Cross-Organ Sensitization

Type: | Publisher: Faculty of Science (Sheffield) | 2017

By Nipaporn Konthapakdee

Exemption in case of force majeure and hardship - CISG, PICC, PECL and DCFR

Type: | Publisher: Jurua Editora | 2014

By Ingeborg Schwenzer

Bringing back 'Japan'? Prime minister Abe's political rhetoric in critical perspective.

Type: | Publisher: School of East Asian Studies (Sheffield) | 2017

By Chris Pope

Error and Anomaly Detection for Intra-Participant Time-Series Data

Type: | Publisher: Taylor and Francis | 2017

By David Mullineaux and Gareth Irwin

Effects of gluteal kinesio-taping on performance with respect to fatigue in rugby players

Type: | Publisher: Taylor & Francis | 2016

By Gerda Strutzenberger, Joeseph Moore, Hywel Griffiths, Hermann Schwameder and Gareth Irwin

Non-rigid medical image registration with extended free form deformations: modelling general tissue transitions

Type: | Publisher: Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Sheffield) | 2016

By Rui Hua

An exploration of a True Collaborative Learning Environment and its challenges,in an Irish Higher Education Classroom

Type: | Publisher: Faculty of Social Sciences (Sheffield) | 2017

By Corinne Power O'Mahony

The cross on rings performed by an Olympic champion

Type: | Publisher: SciElo | 2016

By Paulo Carrara, Alberto Carlos Amadio, Júlio Cerca Serrão, Gareth Irwin and Luis Mochizuki

British government policy and diplomacy in Southern Rhodesia, 1979-1980.

Type: | Publisher: History (York) | 2016

By Jack Brailsford

Microstructure and Phase Assemblage of Low-Clinker Cements during Early Stages of Carbonation\ud

Type: | Publisher: School of Civil Engineering (Leeds) | 2017

By Julia Herterich

Differential impact of water immersion on arterial blood flow and shear stress in the carotid and brachial arteries of humans

Type: | Publisher: Wiley Periodicals, Inc. | 2017

By H.C Carter, A.L Spence, P.N Ainslie, Christopher J. A. Pugh, L.H. Naylor and D.J. Green

From the lab to the field: effects of self-talk on task performance under distracting conditions

Type: | Publisher: Human Kinetics | 2017

By Evangelos Galanis, Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, Nikos Comoutos, Fedra Charachousi and Xavier Sanchez

Hydrological Performance Evolution of Extensive Green Roof Systems

Type: | Publisher: Civil and Structural Engineering (Sheffield) | 2017

By Simon De-Ville

Вплив рішень Європейського Суду з прав людини на визначення майна та складу майна


By Ольга Володимирівна Розгон

The Effects of Severe Global Deprivation on Language and Cognition\ud Lisa J Brown

Type: | Publisher: Human Communication Sciences (Sheffield) | 2004

By Lisa Jane Brown

Сутність механізму вирішення колізій норм права


By Ольга Володимирівна Розгон

Awakening the Awareness: Critical Thinking in Vocational Education

Type: | Publisher: School of Education (Sheffield) | 2016

By Debra Indar

Порушення сімейних прав трансгендерної особи у контексті доктрини прав людини


By Ольга Володимирівна Розгон

Динаміка договору про наставництво


By Ольга Володимирівна Розгон

The Effects of Temperature on Clot Microstructure and Strength in Healthy Volunteers

Type: | 2016

By Matthew Lawrence, Nick Marsden, Rangaswamy Mothukuri, Keith Morris, Gareth Davies, Karl Hawkins, Daniel Curtis, Martin Brown, Phylip Williams and Phillip Evans

Support for Model Checking Z Specifications

Type: | Publisher: Faculty of Engineering (Sheffield) | 2016

By Maria Ulfah Siregar

The social networks of unaccompanied asylum seeking young people in the transition to adulthood

Type: | Publisher: Social Policy and Social Work (York) | 2016

By Kelly McDonald

Völkerrecht: Kriegsmaterial – Schweiz liefert trotz Exportverbot

Type: | Publisher: Konsumenteninfo AG | 2009

By Evelyne Schmid

Внутриклеточный сигналинг у растений

Type: | Publisher: ASSA | 2015

By Вадим Юрьевич Джамеев

Contributing Towards Improved Communication Systems for Future Cellular Networks

Type: | Publisher: Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Sheffield) | 2017

By Mirza Rasheduzzaman

The Dr Elizabeth Casson Memorial Lecture 2017: Life as an occupational being

Type: | Publisher: SAGE Publications for College of Occupational Therapists | 2017

By Diane Cox

A Labelling Technique Comparison for Indexing Large XML Database

Type: | Publisher: Computer Science (Sheffield) | 2017

By Samer Hussain Ali Al-khazraji

Liberia’s Truth Commission Report: Economic, Social and Cultural Rights in Transitional Justice

Type: | Publisher: The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy | 2009

By Evelyne Schmid

Стимуляція та врівноваження рефлексивних проявів особистості

Type: | Publisher: Харків. нац. ун-т внутр. справ | 2017

By Олексій Іванович Зімовін and Євген Валентинович Заїка

Distant Speech Recognition of Natural Spontaneous Multi-party Conversations

Type: | Publisher: Computer Science (Sheffield) | 2017

By Yulan Liu

Boosting Students’ Motivation for Vocabulary Building with Original Movies

Type: | Publisher: ХНУ імені В.Н. Каразіна | 2017

By A.V. Dudoladova, O.V. Dudoladova and T.K. Varenko

Transitional Justice Information Handbook

Type: | Publisher: United States Institute of Peace | 2008

By Evelyne Schmid

'Bogged down in Housing': Politics and Planning in Residential Leeds, 1954-1979

Type: | Publisher: School of History (Leeds) | 2016

By Ben Philliskirk

(Э)миссия университета

Type: | Publisher: Европейский гуманитарный институт | 2015

By Михаил Шильман and Олег Николаевич Перепелица

War Crimes Related to Violations of Economic, Social and Cultural Rights

Type: | Publisher: Verlag W. Kohlhammer | 2011

By Evelyne Schmid

1565 harvested items
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