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Policy-Driven Governance in Cloud Service Ecosystems

Type: | Publisher: Computer Science (Sheffield) | 2016

By Dimitrios Kourtesis

Role of 5-Hydroxytryptamine (5-HT) in Urinary Bladder Signalling and Colon-Bladder Cross-Organ Sensitization

Type: | Publisher: Faculty of Science (Sheffield) | 2017

By Nipaporn Konthapakdee

Immunogenicity of reduced dose priming schedules of serogroup C meningococcal conjugate vaccine followed by booster at 12 months in infants: open label randomised controlled trial.

Type: | 2015

By D Pace, A Khatami, J McKenna, D Campbell, S Attard-Montalto, J Birks, M Voysey, C White, A Finn, E Macloed, SN Faust, AL Kent, PT Heath, R Borrow, MD Snape and AJ Pollard

Baseline results from the UK SIGNIFY study: a whole-body MRI screening study in TP53 mutation carriers and matched controls.

Type: | 2017

By S Saya, E Killick, S Thomas, N Taylor, EK Bancroft, J Rothwell, S Benafif, A Dias, C Mikropoulos, J Pope, A Chamberlain, R Gunapala, SIGNIFY Study Steering Committee, L Izatt, L Side, L Walker, S Tomkins, J Cook, J Barwell, V Wiles, L Limb, D Eccles, MO Leach, S Shanley, FJ Gilbert, H Hanson, D Gallagher, B Rajashanker, RW Whitehouse, D-M Koh, SA Sohaib, DG Evans and RA Eeles

Clearance of viable Mycobacterium ulcerans from Buruli ulcer lesions during antibiotic treatment as determined by combined 16S rRNA reverse transcriptase /IS 2404 qPCR assay.

Type: | 2017

By M Sarpong-Duah, M Frimpong, M Beissner, M Saar, K Laing, F Sarpong, AD Loglo, KM Abass, M Frempong, FS Sarfo, G Bretzel, M Wansbrough-Jones and RO Phillips

Sublingual immunotherapy for asthma.

Type: | Publisher: Cochrane Collaboration | 2015

By R Normansell, KM Kew and AL Bridgman

Bringing back 'Japan'? Prime minister Abe's political rhetoric in critical perspective.

Type: | Publisher: School of East Asian Studies (Sheffield) | 2017

By Chris Pope

Error and Anomaly Detection for Intra-Participant Time-Series Data

Type: | Publisher: Taylor and Francis | 2017

By David Mullineaux and Gareth Irwin

Macrolides for chronic asthma.

Type: | Publisher: Cochrane Collaboration | 2015

By KM Kew, K Undela, I Kotortsi and G Ferrara

High sensitivity cardiac troponin and the under-diagnosis of myocardial infarction in women: prospective cohort study.

Type: | 2015

By ASV Shah, M Griffiths, KK Lee, DA McAllister, AL Hunter, AV Ferry, A Cruikshank, A Reid, M Stoddart, F Strachan, S Walker, PO Collinson, FS Apple, AJ Gray, KAA Fox, DE Newby and NL Mills

An exploration of a True Collaborative Learning Environment and its challenges,in an Irish Higher Education Classroom

Type: | Publisher: Faculty of Social Sciences (Sheffield) | 2017

By Corinne Power O'Mahony

Non-rigid medical image registration with extended free form deformations: modelling general tissue transitions

Type: | Publisher: Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Sheffield) | 2016

By Rui Hua

Effects of gluteal kinesio-taping on performance with respect to fatigue in rugby players

Type: | Publisher: Taylor & Francis | 2016

By Gerda Strutzenberger, Joeseph Moore, Hywel Griffiths, Hermann Schwameder and Gareth Irwin

Perioperative cardiovascular monitoring of high-risk patients: a consensus of 12.

Type: | Publisher: BioMed Central | 2015

By J-L Vincent, P Pelosi, R Pearse, D Payen, A Perel, A Hoeft, S Romagnoli, VM Ranieri, C Ichai, P Forget, G Della Rocca and A Rhodes

High-sensitivity cardiac troponin I at presentation in patients with suspected acute coronary syndrome: a cohort study.

Type: | Publisher: Elsevier: Lancet | 2015

By ASV Shah, A Anand, Y Sandoval, KK Lee, SW Smith, PD Adamson, AR Chapman, T Langdon, D Sandeman, A Vaswani, FE Strachan, A Ferry, AG Stirzaker, A Reid, AJ Gray, PO Collinson, DA McAllister, FS Apple, DE Newby, NL Mills and High-STEACS investigators

British government policy and diplomacy in Southern Rhodesia, 1979-1980.

Type: | Publisher: History (York) | 2016

By Jack Brailsford

The cross on rings performed by an Olympic champion

Type: | Publisher: SciElo | 2016

By Paulo Carrara, Alberto Carlos Amadio, Júlio Cerca Serrão, Gareth Irwin and Luis Mochizuki

From the lab to the field: effects of self-talk on task performance under distracting conditions

Type: | Publisher: Human Kinetics | 2018

By Evangelos Galanis, Antonis Hatzigeorgiadis, Nikos Comoutos, Fedra Charachousi and Xavier Sanchez

Microstructure and Phase Assemblage of Low-Clinker Cements during Early Stages of Carbonation\ud

Type: | Publisher: School of Civil Engineering (Leeds) | 2017

By Julia Herterich

Differential impact of water immersion on arterial blood flow and shear stress in the carotid and brachial arteries of humans

Type: | Publisher: Wiley Periodicals, Inc. | 2017

By H.C Carter, A.L Spence, P.N Ainslie, Christopher J. A. Pugh, L.H. Naylor and D.J. Green

Hydrological Performance Evolution of Extensive Green Roof Systems

Type: | Publisher: Civil and Structural Engineering (Sheffield) | 2017

By Simon De-Ville

Aerodynamic optimisation of sports stadiums towards wind comfort\ud

Type: | Publisher: Mechanical Engineering (Sheffield) | 2017

By Polytimi Sofotasiou

Hospital mortality of adults admitted to Intensive Care Units in hospitals with and without Intermediate Care Units: a multicentre European cohort study.

Type: | Publisher: BioMed Central | 2014

By M Capuzzo, C Volta, T Tassinati, R Moreno, A Valentin, B Guidet, G Iapichino, C Martin, T Perneger, C Combescure, A Poncet, A Rhodes and Working Group on Health Economics of the European Society of Int

The Effects of Severe Global Deprivation on Language and Cognition\ud Lisa J Brown

Type: | Publisher: Human Communication Sciences (Sheffield) | 2004

By Lisa Jane Brown

Awakening the Awareness: Critical Thinking in Vocational Education

Type: | Publisher: School of Education (Sheffield) | 2016

By Debra Indar

The Effects of Temperature on Clot Microstructure and Strength in Healthy Volunteers

Type: | 2016

By Matthew Lawrence, Nick Marsden, Rangaswamy Mothukuri, Keith Morris, Gareth Davies, Karl Hawkins, Daniel Curtis, Martin Brown, Phylip Williams and Phillip Evans

Pharmacokinetic variability and exposures of fluconazole, anidulafungin, and caspofungin in intensive care unit patients: Data from multinational Defining Antibiotic Levels in Intensive care unit (DALI) patients Study.

Type: | Publisher: BioMed Central | 2015

By MG Sinnollareddy, JA Roberts, J Lipman, M Akova, M Bassetti, JJ De Waele, K-M Kaukonen, D Koulenti, C Martin, P Montravers, J Rello, A Rhodes, T Starr, SC Wallis, G Dimopoulos and DALI Study authors

Support for Model Checking Z Specifications

Type: | Publisher: Faculty of Engineering (Sheffield) | 2016

By Maria Ulfah Siregar

The social networks of unaccompanied asylum seeking young people in the transition to adulthood

Type: | Publisher: Social Policy and Social Work (York) | 2016

By Kelly McDonald

The physiological response to drawing and Its relation to attention and relaxation

Type: | Publisher: Scientific Research | 2017

By Gareth Loudon and Gina Deininger

Using Real-time Biofeedback of Heart Rate Variability Measures to Track and Help Improve Levels of Attention and Relaxation

Type: | Publisher: ACM | 2017

By Gareth Loudon, Gina Deininger and Dimitrios Zampelis

Mutations in the Plasmodium falciparum chloroquine resistance transporter, PfCRT, enlarge the parasite's food vacuole and alter drug sensitivities.

Type: | 2015

By S Pulcini, HM Staines, AH Lee, SH Shafik, G Bouyer, CM Moore, DA Daley, MJ Hoke, LM Altenhofen, HJ Painter, J Mu, DJP Ferguson, M Llinás, RE Martin, DA Fidock, RA Cooper and S Krishna

Development of a core outcome set for disease modification trials in mild to moderate dementia: a systematic review, patient and public consultation and consensus recommendations

Type: | Publisher: NIHR Journals Library | 2017

By L Webster, D Groskreutz, A Grinbergs-Saull, R Howard, JT O'Brien, G Mountain, S Banerjee, B Woods, R Perneczky, L Lafortune, C Roberts, J McCleery, J Pickett, F Bunn, D Challis, G Charlesworth, K Featherstone, C Fox, C Goodman, R Jones, S Lamb, E Moniz-Cook, J Schneider, S Shepperd, C Surr, J Thompson-Coon, C Ballard, C Brayne, O Burke, A Burns, L Clare, P Garrard, P Kehoe, P Passmore, C Holmes, I Maidment, F Murtagh, L Robinson and G Livingston

The Dr Elizabeth Casson Memorial Lecture 2017: Life as an occupational being

Type: | Publisher: SAGE Publications for College of Occupational Therapists | 2017

By Diane Cox

Contributing Towards Improved Communication Systems for Future Cellular Networks

Type: | Publisher: Electronic and Electrical Engineering (Sheffield) | 2017

By Mirza Rasheduzzaman

A Labelling Technique Comparison for Indexing Large XML Database

Type: | Publisher: Computer Science (Sheffield) | 2017

By Samer Hussain Ali Al-khazraji

Pattern and Rate of Cognitive Decline in Cerebral Small Vessel Disease: A Prospective Study.

Type: | 2015

By AJ Lawrence, RL Brookes, EA Zeestraten, TR Barrick, RG Morris and HS Markus

The fate and lifespan of human monocyte subsets in steady state and systemic inflammation.

Type: | 2017

By AA Patel, Y Zhang, JN Fullerton, L Boelen, A Rongvaux, AA Maini, V Bigley, RA Flavell, DW Gilroy, B Asquith, D Macallan and S Yona

Barriers to the sustainability of an intervention designed to improve patient engagement within NHS mental health rehabilitation units: a qualitative study nested within a randomised controlled trial.

Type: | Publisher: BioMed Central | 2015

By M Lean, G Leavey, H Killaspy, N Green, I Harrison, S Cook, T Craig, F Holloway, M Arbuthnott and M King

Distant Speech Recognition of Natural Spontaneous Multi-party Conversations

Type: | Publisher: Computer Science (Sheffield) | 2017

By Yulan Liu

Validation of a continuous infusion of low dose Iohexol to measure glomerular filtration rate: randomised clinical trial.

Type: | Publisher: BioMed Central | 2015

By JJ Dixon, K Lane, RN Dalton, C Turner, RM Grounds, IA MacPhee and BJ Philips

'Bogged down in Housing': Politics and Planning in Residential Leeds, 1954-1979

Type: | Publisher: School of History (Leeds) | 2016

By Ben Philliskirk

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