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Semantic aware Bayesian network model for actionable knowledge discovery in linked data

Type: | Publisher: Springer | 2016

By HYM Alharbi and MH Saraee

Targeting hypoxic cancer stem cells (CSCs) with Doxycycline :\ud implications for optimizing anti-angiogenic therapy

Type: | Publisher: Impact Journals | 2017

By EM De Francesco, M Maggiolini, HB Tanowitz, F Sotgia and MP Lisanti

Incumbent parties, incumbent MPs and the effectiveness of constituency campaigns: Evidence from the 2015 UK general election\ud

Type: | Publisher: SAGE Publications | 2017

By C. Pattie, T.K. Hartman and R. Johnston

Taktik und Taktiktraining

Type: | Publisher: Hofmann-Verlag | 2017

By M Raab, D Büsch and J Schorer

Flipped teaching as a method for boosting engagement and performance

Type: | Publisher: ISEE 2014 – University of Manchester on behalf of Department of Materials Science & Engineering The University of Sheffield | 2016

By S.J. Marsh and M.N. Gurski

Continuous improvement framework using IDEF0 for post-contract cost control

Type: | Publisher: Sabinet Online - SA

By T Omotayo and U Kulatunga

Gemba kaizen model based on BPMN for small and medium scale construction businesses in Nigeria

Type: | Publisher: Sabinet Online - SA

By T Omotayo and U Kulatunga

Fundamentals of active shielding based on implicit control

Type: | Publisher: Elsevier | 2017

By R Quintana, YW Lam and D Patino

The turn of the valve: representing with material models

Type: | Publisher: Springer | 2017

By Roman Frigg and James Nguyen

Activation Cascading in Sign Production

Type: | Publisher: American Psychological Association | 2016

By Eduardo Navarette, Luigi Lerose, Francesca Peressotti and Michele Miozzo

Human occupation of the northern Arabian interior during early Marine Isotope Stage 3

Type: | Publisher: Wiley

By RP Jennings, A Parton, L Clark-Balzan, TS White, HS Groucutt, PS Breeze, AG Parker, NA Drake and MD Petraglia

Transfer printed multi-color integrated devices for visible light communication applications

Type: | Publisher: Optical Society of America | 2016

By K. Rae, E. Xie, C. Foucher, B. Guilhabert, R. Ferreira, D. Zhu, D.J. Wallis, C.J. Humphreys, R.A. Oliver, E. Gu, N. Laurand and M.D. Dawson

Tablet computers in assessing performance in a high stakes exam : opinion matters

Type: | 2017

By G. P. Currie, S. Sinha, F. Thomson, J. Cleland and A. R. Denison

Computational Models of Referring : A Study in Cognitive Science

Type: | Publisher: The MIT Press | 2016

By Kees van Deemter

519 harvested items
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